February 25, 2011

Sick of Oscars?? Me Too....

Anyone sick of the Oscars this year?
Me too, in a big way. In fact my wife thinks something is wrong with me in that I cannot get any interest worked up in this years' Academy Awards race. The nominations were a bore, the race is all but decided, with no room for any shocks or surprises, and I am bored out of my mind with the whole thing.
Perhaps it is because I have been writing about the Oscar race since September as TIFF which is the unofficial beginning of the season. How many times can I state who I think should win? I am tired of arguing with people who think they are going to change my opinion and who have it in their mind I am trying to change theirs.
Marty Scorsese was once listening to an actor, Willem Dafoe rage against a certain kind of film, an action flick that angered Dafoe with its silliness. Scorsese placed his arm around Dafoe and whsipered, "There's room for us all" and ended the conversation with those words. Indeed.
The same thing applies with Oscar talk, with film talk, there's room for us all.
I have wondered this year if we writers of all things Oscar and film are part of the problem with the boredom of the season? There are so many sites, so many fine writers, and so many hacks, that moving from site to site reading about the Oscars one can get Oscar overload.
What nominations would I liked to have seen this year?
Hereafter for Best Film and Best Director. Let Me In for Best Picture and Best Score, as well as Chloe Grace Morentz for Best Supporting Actress. Matt Damon for Best Supporting Actor for True Grit, and Christopher Nolan for Best Director for Inception. Martin Scorsese and Leonardo di Caprio for Shutter Island. Julianne Moore for The Kids are All Right, any category.
Those would have made me smile a bit, and added some controversey to the race. As it is I am bored out of my skull this year and feeling very, very blue about it. In fact I have toyed with not watching the Oscars this year because I am that bored. And thata is very sad because I have not missed one since 1973.


  1. The Oscars have been getting stale lately. The Academy can be so predictable and rigid sometimes. The only films they take seriously are dramas. They treat animated films, comedies, and action films like stepchildren.