July 31, 2009

Thoughts on Funny People?

Since we all know that I loved it, it's only fair that you tell us here at The Awards Circuit what you thought of Judd Apatow's latest.
Will Adam Sandler be a threat for a Best Actor nomination? Will the film, its writing, or its direction, make a play for a nod? Did you even like it? Is it Apatow's best? Worst?
-Let us know!

Today's News: Ridley Scott offically will direct the 'Alien' prequel, Universal loves Judd Apatow, Toronto goes 'Up in the Air', and more...

In the news:

Ridley Scott will indeed be revisiting the 'Alien' universe with a prequel he's directing.

Universal Studios must be happy with 'Funny People', since they've gone into business with Judd Apatow on a three picture deal.

Jason Reitman's follow up to Juno will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

Billy Crudup gets a new role, this time in a Julia Roberts movie.

Dexter's Michael C. Hall will star next in an indie flick with comic overtones.

Finally, Jerry Bruckheimer wants to go to war with robots, in film form of course...


Today's Trailers: The Damned United, The Other Man, and The Baader Meinhof Complex,

Peter Morgan goes the sports route with 'The Damned United':

Also, we have the trailer for the commonly titled 'The Other Man':

Finally, we have the trailer for the Oscar nominated 'The Baader Meinhof Complex':

Today's Posters: Motherhood, Crude, and Only


July 30, 2009

Trailer for 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'

Wes Anderson goes stop motion:

The Venice Film Festival unveils its lineup for all to see!

The full list is below, but the one I'm keeping my eye on the most is actually George A. Romero's 'Survival of the Dead'.
Here's the lineup:

"36 vues du Pic Saint Loup," Jacques Rivette (France)
"Accident," Cheang Pou-Soi (China-Hong Kong)
"Baaria," Giuseppe Tornatore (Italy) – Opening Film
"Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans," Werner Herzog (U.S.)
"Between Two Worlds," Vimukthi Jayasundara (Sri Lanka)
"Capitalism: A Love Story," Michael Moore (U.S.)
"La Doppia Ora," Giuseppe Capotondi (Italy)
"Il Grande Sogno," Michele Placido (Italy)
"Lebanon," Samuel Maoz (Israel)
"Life During Wartime," Todd Solondz (U.S.)
"Lo Spazio Bianco," Francesca Comencini (Italy)
"Lourdes," Jessica Hausner (Austria)
"Mr. Nobody," Jaco van Dormael (France)
"Persecution," Patrice Chereau (France)
"Prince of Tears," Yonfan (Hong Kong)
"The Road," John Hillcoat (U.S.)
"A Single Man," Tom Ford (U.S.)
"Soul Kitchen," Fatih Akin (Germany)
"Survival of the Dead," George Romero (U.S.)
"Tetsuo The Bullet Man," Shinya Tsukamoto (Japan)
"The Traveller," Ahmed Maher (Egypt)
"White Material," Claire Denis (France)
"Women Without Men," Shirin Neshat (Germany)

"Anni Luce," Francesco Maselli (Italy)
"Chengdu, I Love You," Fruit Chan, Cui Jian (China) – Closing Film
"The Hole," Joe Dante (U.S.)
"The Informant!," Steven Soderbergh (U.S.)
"The Men Who Stare at Goats," Grant Heslov (U.S.)
"Napoli Napoli Napoli," Abel Ferrara (Italy)
"L'oro di Cuba," Giuliano Montaldo (Italy)
"Prove per una tragedia Siciliana," John Turturro, Roman Paska (Italy)
"REC 2," Jaume Balaguero, Paco Plaza (Spain)
"Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story," Yousry Nasrallah (Egypt)
"South of the Border," Oliver Stone (U.S.)
"Yona Yona Penguin," Rintaro (Japan)

"Gulaal," Anurag Kashyap (India)
"Dev D," Anurag Kashyap (India)
"Brooklyn's Finest," Antoine Fuqua (U.S.)
"Delhi-6," Rakeysh Omprakash (India)
"Valhalla Rising," Nicolas Winding Refn (Denmark)

"Toy Story 3-D" (New Version), John Lasseter (U.S.)
"Toy Story 2-D" (New Version), John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich, Ash Brannon (U.S.)

"Francesca," Bobby Paunescu (Romania) – Opening Film
"One-Zero," Kamla Abou Zekri (Egypt)
"Buried Secrets," Raja Amari (Tunisia)
"Tender Parasites," Christian Becker and Oliver Schwabe (Germany)
"Adrift," Bui Thac Chuyen (Vietnam)
"Crush," Petr Buslov, Aleksei German Jr., Borisd Khlebnikov, Kirill Serebrennikov, Ivan Vrypayev (Russia)
"Repo Chick," Alex Cox (U.S.)
"Engkwentro," Pepe Diokno (Philippines)
"The Man's Woman and Other Stories," Amit Dutta (India)
"Paraiso," Hector Galvez (Peru)
"Io sono l'amore," Luca Guadagnino (Italy)
"Cow," Guan Hu (China)
"Judge," Liu Jie (China)
"Pepperminta," Pipilotti Rist (Switzerland)
"Tris di donne e abiti nunziali," Martina Gedeck (Italy)
"Insolacao," Daniela Thomas and Felipe Hirsch (Brazil)
"1428," Du Haibin (China)
"I Travel Because I Have to, I Come Back Because I Love You," Marcelo Gomes and Karim Ainouz (Brazil)
"Once Upon a Time Proletarian: 12 Tales of a Country," Guo Xiaolu (China)
"Villalobos," Romuald Karmakar (Germany)
"Il colore delle parole," Marco Simon Puccioni (Italy)
"The One All Alone," Frank Scheffer (The Netherlands)
"Toto," Peter Schreiner (Austria)

"The Death of Pentheus," Philip Haas (U.S.)
"Faces of Soul," Gina Kim (U.S.)
"La Boheme," Werner Herzog (U.K.)
"Mudanza," Pere Portabella (Spain)
"Deserto Rosa – Luigi Ghirri," Elisabetta Sgarbi (Italy)
"Reading Book of Blockade," Aleksander Sokurov (Russia)
"Armando Testa – Povero ma moderno," Pappi Corsicato
"La Danse – Le Ballet de l'Opera de Paris," Fredrick Wiseman (U.S.) (In collaboration with Dance Biennale)
"Hugo en Afrique," Stefano Knuchel (Switzerland)
"Via della Croce," Serena Nono (Italy)

"Poeti," Toni D'Angelo
"Negli occhi," Francesco del Grosso
"Il compleanno," Daniele Anzellotti, Marco Filiberti
"Dieci Inverni," Valerio Mieli
"Cosmonauta," Susanna Nicchiarelli
"Hollywood sul Tevere," Marco Spagnoli
"Il Piccolo," Maurizio Zaccaro

"Giuseppe De Santis," Carlo Lizzani

"Lola," Giulio Questi
"Hotel Courbet," Tinto Brass

Trailer for 'A Serious Man'

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the Coen brothers, but I always keep an open mind, as they've never made a film I openly hated (though they've never made a film I openly loved either), so it's touch and go with them for me...their new film looks interesting though, I'll give it that. Here's the rather intriguing trailer:


Curious who will be on the Jury of the Venice Film Festival?

Wonder no more, as the lineup can be found here. The big names are Ang Lee and Joe Dante, but it's a good list through and through, and it's a festival to look forward to. The fest isn't till September, but later today the film lineup should come through, so stay tuned for that...

The writer of 21 Grams and Babel hopes to capture Oscar glory as a director with 'The Burning Plain'...

...which gets a trailer that you can view here:

-Will he be successful?

Today's News: Spielberg begins to line up his next directorial project, Jeremy Renner joins Ben Affleck's 2nd outing behind the camera, and more...

In the news:

Steven Spielberg may be going the secret agent route for his next film.

The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner is poised to act in Ben Affleck's next directorial outing.

Paul Haggis has Russell Crowe in mind for his next film, which he is writing and directing.

Ron Howard may next be tackling a movie based on a book by the author of the Jason Bourne books.

Next year's romantic comedy to be released on Valentine's Day (aptly titled, you guessed it, Valentine's Day) adds some new names to its star studded cast.

Matthew McConaughey might be going the indie route for his next film.

Another romantic comedy seems to be in the works for Jennifer Aniston.

Aaron Eckhart gets a crew for his alien invasion film 'Battle: L.A.'.


Today's Posters: Antichrist, The Burning Plain, Solomon Kane, and The Poker House

Is it just me or does the one for The Burning Plain somehow make you think of the poster for Munich?

July 29, 2009

Cross 'Green Zone' off your Oscar list for 2009...

Not because it's a bad film, but because it's not coming out until 2010. The March release date doesn't give it too great a chance next year, but early releases might do better this year (The Hurt Locker, for example), and it could expand to next year. We shall see, but read the story (it's another version of the story I posted earlier on 'The Wolfman' being moved to February, just updated with 'Green Zone' info) here if you want...

New York, I Love You gets a Poster

I dig it...how about you?

Today's News: Toronto adds some new films, Wolfman gets a new release date, A movie based on The Lorax, and more...

In the news:

The Toronto Film Festival added some new films to its schedule, including the new movie from Joel and Ethan Coen, as well as Drew Barrymore's directorial debut.

The Wolfman is among several films that got their release dates changed, some even to next year (including Wolfie).

It seems even The Lorax is in development to become a movie...

The Chinese remake of Blood Simple gets U.S. distribution.

Charlize Theron has a new project.

The third Twilight film gets a member of the Howard family.


July 28, 2009

Unfortunately it's another really poor week for DVD, but I press on nonetheless...

Despite another week of rather crappy releases, I've managed to sift through the waste and come up with a PICK OF THE WEEK, though I will be up front with saying that it's one of the weakest choices that I've ever had to go with. It's:
Bart Got a Room
This indie comedy is rather harmless and only average, except for a wild supporting role by William H. Macy as a wacky father of the protagonist. It's bizarre and often very funny, but take it from me, without his role, the movie would be a waste of time. See it for Macy's performance and enjoy that.
-The rest of the releases this week pretty much make me gag. The highest profile is Fast and Furious, which will likely be on my list of the worst films of the year. I never liked any of the movies in this franchise, but for some reason I liked this one even less. You know if it's for you, so if it's your thing, enjoy...it's simply not mine though (to make a pun, it did a fast job of making me furious...yes, I know that sucked). Moving on, we also have the "comedy" Miss March, though simply calling it a "Miss" is enough for me. Finally, we have Dragonball: Evolution, and I just kept waiting for this to evolve into something besides a piece of crap, but alas, it never managed to.
-Instead of making my normal multiple Vintage picks for a shitty week, I'm going to go back to only recommending one movie, but making it a lower profile one worth seeking out. It's an early Johnny Depp movie called Don Juan DeMarco, and it's simply a joy to watch. Depp and costar Marlon Brando (not phoning it in) have great chemistry, and it elevates this romantic comedy to something that's a mix of a shrink/patient flick and The Princess Bride. It's really rather great stuff.
-What will you be watching this week on DVD?

Today's News: Ben Affleck's next directorial project gets a cast, Richard Linklater picks his next movie, and more...

In the news:

Ben Affleck has John Hamm and Rebecca Hall set up to be his costars in his next movie, which he will also be writing and directing.

Richard Linklater has a new project in mind.

A big time spec script has been fast tracked, but without its original A list stars.

The director of P.S. I Love You (among other, much better, things) has a new gig set up.

Hollywood may make the movies, but the state of California will now be getting involved as well, to some degree.


July 27, 2009

Wes Anderson's 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox' will be seen at the London Film Festival

So all you across the pond, be sure to see it and let us know how it is! The Fest isn't until October, but news of the upcoming screening can be found here.
-There's a lot of talent involved in this film, so my expectations are moderately high, despite some of my mild issues with the work of Wes Anderson, but we shall see...thoughts?

Judd Apatow gets told he's a genius for an hour by James Lipton tonight on Inside The Actor's Studio...

Could be a very interesting show, especially if you're a fan of Apatow's (which I happen to be)...here's a few clips from tonight's show, which is at 7pm (Eastern I assume) on Bravo:

Today's News: A wrap-up for Comic-Con, Robert Downey Jr. joins Todd Phillips' follow-up to 'The Hangover', and more...

In the news:

It seems that Iron Man 2 was the big panel hit at Comic-Con, though Avatar and (sigh) New Moon were no slouches either.

The next film by Todd Phillips will star Robert Downey Jr. (in addition to another member of The Hangover).

Mila Kunis has been cast as Natalie Portman's nemesis in Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan'.

The video game Dead Space might be the next project for D.J. Caruso.

A King Kong Prequel? It might happen, if you can believe it.

The indie flick 'Flying Lessons' adds some cast members to its slate.

The long in development adaptation of the game Castlevania might finally be coming to pass, with the director of the original SAW on board to helm.


July 26, 2009

About that annoying noise...

Apologies, that noise that was on the blog was from the SAW VI motion poster, which couldn't be turned off...I deleted the post just to be on the safe side, but anyone who still wants to see it (and it's kinda cool) can go look here.
-Sorry again for the annoying noise!

Today's News: Iron Man 2 details, Star Trek 2 could be a 2 part film, and other news that has nothing to do with the number 2...

In the news:

The Iron Man 2 panel at Comic-Con showed off some interesting footage.

Will Star Trek 2 be a 2 part movie?

Taylor Hackford will be the new President of the DGA.

Roland Emmerich's next movie gets a writer, which will be an adaptation of some of Asimov's work.

Curious about how Warner Brothers is handling their DC movies?


Some Photos from this year's Comic-Con

The Picture of Dorian Gray becomes a movie, oddly enough called 'Dorian Gray'

Go figure...Here's the trailer:


July 25, 2009

Vote in the new Awards Circuit Poll!

The next Poll in our continuing series of Polls on the blog has gone up, and this one asks you to think about what you now feel in terms of the expansion of Best Picture...
-Make your vote known, and make your voice heard in the comments section below!

Today's Posters: Sherlock Holmes, Fame, Arthur and the Vengeance of Maltazard, Broken Hill, and No Impact Man


A new website wants to help you truly figure out your favorite films of all time...Oscar films included

Indeed, there's a new website called Flickchart that seems to have an interesting method for ranking your all time favorite movies. You are constantly choosing which film you prefer, and it leads to some odd choices (ever had to decide whether you liked Saving Private Ryan more than Alien?), but it's very entertaining and something rather new. If you're inclined, take a look and let us know what your favorite movies of all time turn out to be!

Ever wonder what James Cameron thought of 'The Hurt Locker'?

Turns out he's a fan...

Today's News: Comic-Con loves Tim Burton, Van Helsing's relative 'Stan' is coming to theaters, and more...

In the news:

Tim Burton seems to be the overlord of San Diego's Comic-Con, showing off his version of Alice in Wonderland, among other things.

The horror comedy 'Stan Helsing' is on its way to theaters this year.

Some smaller films are trying to self themselves at Comic-Con as well, not just big ones.


Curious what the next Tron movie might look like?

Fret no more:


July 24, 2009

Awards Circuit Exclusive Funny People Reviews!

Indeed, we at The Awards Circuit have two of the very first reviews of Funny People available anywhere. Take a look here and let us know what you think!
There are also some updates to coincide with this on the Tracker Page, which you can see here.
-Enjoy our early review (and rave) of Funny People!

Today's Trailers: The Book of Eli, Hot Tob Time Machine, and SAW VI

First up we have next year's Denzel Washington apocalypse drama (that has nothing to do with 'The Road') 'The Book of Eli':

Next we have John Cusack's upcoming comedy 'Hot Tub Time Machine':

And finally we have a teaser for 'SAW VI':


Today's News: An 'Avatar' Preview, Todd Solondz will have his new film at the Toronto Film Festival, Get ready for SAW VII, and more...

In the news:

James Cameron unveiled a bit of his upcoming film 'Avatar' at Comic-Con, to mostly rave reviews.

Some new films are announced for the Toronto Film Festival, among them new movies by Pedro Almodovar and Todd Solondz.

You knew it was coming...next year we will see SAW VII in theaters.

Speaking of sequels, the surprise hit The Strangers will have a follow up made, so prepare for Strangers 2.

And finally, David Cronenberg will make his next project an adaptation of a Don DeLillo book.


Today's Posters: Cabin in the Woods (3 of them no less), Jonah Hex, and Ninja Assassin

I personally really like the 3 humorous ones for Cabin in the Woods...thoughts?

July 23, 2009

Quick thoughts from last night's early screening of Funny People

In short, it's Apatow's best work yet, a deserving contender for Best Picture, some of Adam Sandler's most mature acting (Rogen and Mann do career best work as well), and as much as anything, a hilarious movie. Judd Apatow has expanded on the winning formula he has and crafted a hysterical drama. It's one of the best of the year...here is my review, along with Keith's.

Today's Posters: A Nightmare on Elm Street, SAW VI, and 2012 (plus earlier today on the blog a Poster for Shutter Island)

Thoughts? (and be sure to scroll down on the page a few posts to find the Poster for Scorsese's Shutter Island)

Today's Trailers: The Vintner's Luck, Whiteout, and My One and Only

First, this new film The Vintner's Luck, from the director of Whale Rider:

Next we have Kate Beckinsale's long delayed Alaskan cop film Whiteout:

And lastly we have Renee Zellweger's latest dramedy, My One and Only:


Shutter Island gets a new Poster


July 22, 2009

July 21, 2009

Will you be watching the 'Watchmen' on DVD this week?

Surprisingly enough, despite mentioning Watchmen prominently in my title for this week's DVD article, it's not my PICK OF THE WEEK. The main reason for this is that there is a complete version of the film coming in December to DVD, and it's worth waiting for that one. I don't generally believe in making a double dip the top pick, but if I hold back on it now, it might make it easier. So instead of Watchmen, my pick is:
The Great Buck Howard
Even though almost nobody saw this little comedy, it's still something that's just a crowd-pleasing feel good flick. John Malkovich is very good, Colin Hanks and Emily Blunt provide good support, and the story is just interesting enough to work. It's a perfect film to see on DVD if you skipped it in the theaters (and let's be honest, you know you did).
-Of course Watchmen is also out this week (along with an interesting Director's Cut, but I'll deal with that more in December) and is worth checking out if you didn't see it, despite its flaws, but there's also another good film out this week in Coraline. While not on the level of Pixar's work, this is a very good piece of animation that I wouldn't doubt will be up for the Animated Feature Oscar next year.
-Rounding out the new releases is a knockoff of Eagle Eye called Echelon Conspiracy, and even my love of Edward Burns couldn't make me like this one much, though I didn't care for Eagle Eye either, so maybe that has something to do with it. It's not awful, but it's not something you absolutely need to see.
-My Vintage pick this week is, in honor of (500) Days of Summer, a film with a somewhat similar look at love. It's Woody Allen's Annie Hall. One of the best movies about relationships ever, it also represents for most a high water mark for Allen. Either way, it's a classic and well worth a view.
-What will you be watching on DVD this week?

Today's News: Lars von Trier wants you to hate 'Antichrist', Nic Cage might be the bad guy in 'The Green Hornet', and more...

In the news:

Lars von Trier welcomes hatred for his film 'Antichrist'.

Nicolas Cage appears to be set to join the cast of 'The Green Hornet'

The new film by Ed Zwick adds to the cast that already includes Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

The upcoming reboot of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' gets a writer.

Fox Searchlight has picked up the promising indie drama 'Crazy Heart' for distribution.

Uma Thurman has a new project to get ready for.

Finally, spare a thought for Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, who's fighting cancer...


July 20, 2009

Today''s News: A new 'Twilight Zone' movie with Leo, Jonah Hill a 'Machete' man?, Morgan Freeman joins forces with Bruce Willis, and more...

In the news:

Leonardo DiCaprio is partnering with Warner Brothers on a new Twilight Zone flick.

Apparently Jonah Hill might be part of the cast of the feature version of the Grindhouse trailer Machete.

Morgan Freeman acting with Bruce Willis? Count me in...

The upcoming Julia Roberts film 'Eat, Pray, Love' adds a recent Oscar nominee to its cast.


July 19, 2009

R.I.P. Frank McCourt

The author of "Angela's Ashes" was 78...read the obit here.

Rest In Peace...

Today's News: Iron Man 2 details, A new writer for World War Z, and more...

In the news:

Entertainment Weekly has a cover story on Iron Man 2, which is pretty cool and well worth a read.

World War Z has a new writer, and he has a body of work.

Bad news for Futurama fans...the cast won't be back when new episodes come back.

The son of Walter Matthau is tackling an Elmore Leonard adaptation.

Variety breaks down the success of some recent independent films and distributors.


July 18, 2009

Today's Posters: Ingourious Basterds (again), Zombieland, and The Box

First off, we get another new character poster for Tarantino's upcoming flick 'Inglourious Basterds':
Next we have the poster for the zombie comedy/horror film 'Zombieland':
Finally, we have a new poster for Richard Kelly's 'The Box':

R.I.P. Walter Cronkite

The full story is here, but wow, journalism loses a legend....

Here is one of his most legendary telecasts:

Rest in Peace

July 17, 2009

Updates to the Main Page and a contest for you!

Yes, we have plenty of new things on the MAIN PAGE for you to check out. There are now reviews by the entire staff for Public Enemies and Clayton's take on Bruno. There are new predictions to be found in all categories, so start off with Best Picture and work your way down. There is also an update to our Tracker page, and and article that I wrote on the highlights and lowlights of the first half of the year.
-Last but not least, there is a contest that we are holding here at The Awards Circuit. Basically, we're asking you to predict the 2005 ACCA's and win a DVD. Go here for details and to enter. Good luck!
-What do you think of the updates we have today on the site?

Bright Star Poster!

Still showing promise...Is it heading for Oscar? We shall see.

July 16, 2009

Today's News: The Emmy Nominations come out, Willem Dafoe goes to 'Mars", the remake of 'Straw Dogs' moves forward, and more...

In the news:

The Emmy nominations were released (the post below this has most of the nominees listed). A full list of the nominees is here.

Willem Dafoe joins the cast of the highly anticipated 'John Carter of Mars'.

An interesting cast is set for Rod Lurie's remake of 'Straw Dogs'.

The director of 'The King of Kong' gets a new project.

Ed Helms finds a movie to follow 'The Hangover' with.


The Emmy Nominations

I don't care about the Emmy's too much, but the lack of love for Rescue Me is a big bummer for me. Here are most of the nominees:

Outstanding Made For Television Movie

  • Coco Chanel
  • Grey Gardens
  • Into The Storm
  • Prayers For Bobby
  • Taking Chance

Outstanding Comedy Series

  • 30 Rock
  • Entourage
  • Family Guy
  • Flight Of The Conchords
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • The Office
  • Weeds

Outstanding Drama Series

  • Big Love
  • Breaking Bad
  • Damages
  • Dexter
  • House
  • Lost
  • Mad Men

(acting nominees and more, after the cut)

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

  • 30 Rock • Alec Baldwin, as Jack Donaghy
  • Flight Of The Conchords • Jemaine Clement, as Jemaine
  • Monk • Tony Shalhoub, as Adrian Monk
  • The Big Bang Theory • Jim Parsons, as Sheldon Cooper
  • The Office • Steve Carell, as Michael Scott
  • Two And A Half Men • Charlie Sheen, as Charlie Harper

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

  • Breaking Bad • Bryan Cranston, as Walter White
  • Dexter • Michael C. Hall, as Dexter Morgan
  • House • Hugh Laurie, as Dr. Gregory House
  • In Treatment • Gabriel Byrne, as Paul
  • Mad Men • Jon Hamm, as Don Draper
  • The Mentalist • Simon Baker, as Patrick Jane

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie

  • 24: Redemption • Kiefer Sutherland, as Jack Bauer
  • Cyrano de Bergerac (Great Performances) • Kevin Kline, as Cyrano de Bergerac
  • Into The Storm • Brendan Gleeson, as Winston Churchill
  • King Lear (Great Performances) • Sir Ian McKellen, as King Lear
  • Taking Chance • Kevin Bacon, as LtCol Mike Strobl
  • Wallander: One Step Behind • Kenneth Branagh, as Kurt Wallander

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

  • 30 Rock • Tina Fey, as Liz Lemon
  • Samantha Who? • Christina Applegate, as Samantha Newly
  • The New Adventures Of Old Christine • Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as Christine
  • The Sarah Silverman Program • Sarah Silverman, as Sarah Silverman
  • United States Of Tara • Toni Collette, as Tara Gregson
  • Weeds • Mary-Louise Parker, as Nancy Botwin

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

  • Brothers & Sisters • Sally Field, as Nora Walker
  • Damages • Glenn Close, as Patty Hewes
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Mariska Hargitay, as Detective Olivia Benson
  • Mad Men • Elisabeth Moss, as Peggy Olson
  • Saving Grace • Holly Hunter, as Grace Hanadarko
  • The Closer • Kyra Sedgwick, as Brenda Leigh Johnson

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie

  • Accidental Friendship • Chandra Wilson, as Yvonne
  • Coco Chanel • Shirley MacLaine, as Coco Chanel
  • Grey Gardens • Drew Barrymore, as Little Edie
  • Grey Gardens • Jessica Lange, as Big Edie
  • Prayers For Bobby • Sigourney Weaver, as Mary Griffith

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series

  • 30 Rock • Tracy Morgan, as Tracy Jordan
  • 30 Rock • Jack McBrayer, as Kenneth Parcell
  • Entourage • Kevin Dillon, as Johnny Drama
  • How I Met Your Mother • Neil Patrick Harris, as Barney Stinson
  • The Office • Rainn Wilson, as Dwight Schrute
  • Two And A Half Men • Jon Cryer, as Alan Harper

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

  • Boston Legal • William Shatner, as Denny Crane
  • Boston Legal • Christian Clemenson, as Jerry Espenson
  • Breaking Bad • Aaron Paul, as Jesse Pinkman
  • Damages • William Hurt, as Daniel Purcell
  • Lost • Michael Emerson, as Ben Linus
  • Mad Men • John Slattery, as Roger Sterling

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie

  • Grey Gardens • Ken Howard, as Phelan Beale
  • Into The Storm • Len Cariou, as Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Little Dorrit • Tom Courtenay, as Mr. Dorrit
  • Little Dorrit • Andy Serkis, as Rigaud
  • The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice • Bob Newhart, as Judson

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series

  • 30 Rock • Jane Krakowski, as Jenna Maroney
  • Pushing Daisies • Kristin Chenoweth, as Olive Snook
  • Saturday Night Live • Amy Poehler, as Various Characters
  • Saturday Night Live • Kristin Wiig, as Various Characters
  • Ugly Betty • Vanessa Williams, as Wilhelmina Slater
  • Weeds • Elizabeth Perkins, as Celia Hodes

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

  • 24 • Cherry Jones, as President Allison Taylor
  • Damages • Rose Byrne, as Ellen Parsons
  • Grey’s Anatomy • Sandra Oh, as Dr. Christina Yang
  • Grey’s Anatomy • Chandra Wilson, as Dr. Miranda Bailey
  • In Treatment • Dianne Wiest, as Gina
  • In Treatment • Hope Davis, as Mia

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie

  • Grey Gardens • Jeanne Tripplehorn, as Jackie O.
  • House Of Saddam • Shohreh Aghdashloo, as Sajida
  • Into The Storm • Janet McTeer, as Clementine Churchill
  • Relative Stranger • Cicely Tyson, as Pearl
  • The Courageous Heart Of Irena Sendler • Marcia Gay Harden, as Janina

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series

  • 30 Rock • Apollo, Apollo • Millicent Shelton
  • 30 Rock • Reunion • Beth McCarthy
  • 30 Rock • Generalissimo • Todd Holland
  • Entourage • Tree Trippers • Julian Farino
  • Flight Of The Conchords • The Tough Brets • James Bobin
  • The Office • Stress Relief • Jeff Blitz

Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series

  • Battlestar Galactica • Daybreak (Part 2) • Michael Rymer
  • Boston Legal • Made In China/Last Call • Bill D’Elia
  • Damages • Trust Me • Todd A. Kessler
  • ER • And In The End • Rod Holcomb
  • Mad Men • The Jet Set • Phil Abraham

Outstanding Directing For Nonfiction Programming

  • Project Runway • Finale (Part 1) • Paul Starkman
  • Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired • Marina Zenovich
  • The Amazing Race • Don’t Let A Cheese Hit Me • Bertram van Munster
  • This American Life • John Smith • Adam Beckman
  • Top Chef • The Last Supper • Steve Hrynewicz

Outstanding Directing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special

  • Generation Kill • Bomb In The Garden • Susanna White
  • Grey Gardens • Michael Sucsy
  • Into The Storm • Thaddeus O’Sullivan
  • Little Dorrit • Part 1 • Dearbhla Walsh
  • Taking Chance • Ross Katz
  • Wallander: One Step Behind • Philip Martin

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series

  • 30 Rock • Reunion • Matt Hubbard
  • 30 Rock • Apollo, Apollo • Robert Carlock
  • 30 Rock • Mamma Mia • Ron Weiner
  • 30 Rock • Kidney Now! • Jack Burditt, Robert Carlock
  • Flight Of The Conchords • Prime Minister • James Bobin, Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

  • Lost • The Incident • Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof
  • Mad Men • A Night To Remember • Robin Veith, Matthew Weiner
  • Mad Men • Six Month Leave • Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton, Matthew Weiner
  • Mad Men • The Jet Set • Matthew Weiner
  • Mad Men • Meditations In An Emergency • Kater Gordon, Matthew Weiner

Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special

  • Generation Kill • Bomb In The Garden • David Simon
  • Grey Gardens • Michael Sucsy, Patricia Rozema,
  • Into The Storm • Hugh Whitemore
  • Little Dorrit • Andrew Davies
  • Taking Chance • LtCol Michael R. Strobl, Ross Katz

Outstanding Nonfiction Series

  • American Experience • PBS
  • American Masters • PBS
  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations • Travel Channel
  • Biography • BIO
  • Deadliest Catch • Discovery Channel
  • This American Life • Showtime

Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series

  • 30 Rock • Gavin Volure • Steve Martin, as Gavin Volure
  • 30 Rock • The Bubble • Jon Hamm, as Dr. Drew Baird
  • 30 Rock • Mamma Mia • NBC • Alan Alda, as Milton Greene
  • Desperate Housewives • The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened • Beau Bridges, as Eli Boggs
  • Saturday Night Live • Host: Justin Timberlake • Justin Timberlake, as Various Characters

Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series

  • CSI: NY • Yahrzeit • Edward Asner, as Abraham Klein
  • Damages • They Had to Tweeze That Out of My Kidney • Ted Danson, as Arthur Frobisher
  • Dexter • Go Your Own Way • Jimmy Smits, as Miguel Prado
  • ER • And In The End • Ernest Borgnine, as Paul Manning
  • Rescue Me • Sheila • Michael J. Fox, as Dwight

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series

  • 30 Rock • The One With The Cast Of ‘Night Court’ • Jennifer Aniston, as Claire
  • 30 Rock • Christmas Special • Elaine Stritch, as Colleen Donaghy
  • Monk • Mr. Monk And The Lady Next Door • Gena Rowlands, as Marge
  • My Name Is Earl • Witch Lady • Betty White, as Crazy Witch Lady
  • Saturday Night Live • Presidential Bash 2008 • Tina Fey, as Governor Sarah Palin (Spoof)
  • The Big Bang Theory • The Maternal Capacitance • Christine Baranski, as Beverly Hofstadter

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series

  • Grey’s Anatomy • No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance) • Sharon Lawrence, as Robbie Stevens
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Swing • Ellen Burstyn, as Bernadette Stabler
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Persona • Brenda Blethyn, as Linnie Malcolm/Caroline Cantwell
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Ballerina • Carol Burnett, as Bridget “Birdie” Sulloway
  • The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency • The Boy With The African Heart • CCH Pounder, as Mrs. Curtin

July 15, 2009

Today's Trailers: Whip It, Despicable Me, and World's Greatest Dad

First up is the promising trailer for Drew Barrymore's directorial debut Whip It:

Next we have the trailer for the animated flick Despicable Me:

Finally, we have a second trailer for the black comedy World's Greatest Dad, which is slightly cleaner than the last one:


Today's News: 'Bridget Jones' to write a new entry in her Diary, Hugh Jackman comes calling with 'Avon', What's next for Darren Aronofsky, and more...

In the news:

Get ready for more Bridget Jones as a third film is in the works.

Hugh Jackman is an 'Avon Man' it seems.

Darren Aronofsky's involvement with the remake of 'Robocop' could be in limbo (or continue on with a new director), depending on when he gets his supernatural drama 'Black Swan', starring Natalie Portman, off the ground.

It seems as though Stephen Chow will not be Seth Rogen's Kato in the upcoming 'Green Hornet' flick.

Russell Brand gets family friendly by lending his voice to an animated film.

A real good cast is lined up for Stanley Tucci's film that he wrote and will direct.

Emily Blunt will be the female lead in Matt Damon's upcoming sci-fi flick.

Finally, if you're curious about the latest in MPAA ratings, look here.


Today's Posters: The Invention of Lying, Official Rejection, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, and 9

We kick it off today with the UK Poster for the upcoming Ricky Gervais comedy 'The Invention of Lying':
Next is the film festival documentary 'Official Rejection':
Following now is the Rebecca Miller directed 'The Private Lives of Pippa Lee':
And finally this bizarre new look at the animated film '9':

July 14, 2009

The Trailer for 'An Education' follows on the heels of the best 'Funny People' trailer yet to make for our best day of Trailers in a long time...

I must admit, I'm rather smitten with this classy trailer. I could see this doing very well come Oscar time. Behold what everyone at Sundance seemed to fall in love with:

Funny People gets an International Trailer that continues to make the film look better and better

This is by far the most revealing of the trailers so far, and while I'm not sure if they give too much away, having read the script (I know, I say that too much) I continue to be more and more encouraged as to this being something special:

The Toronto Film Festival will start with a (Big) Bang

Bad pun, I know, but it sort of makes sense since the "Darwin film" called 'Creation' will open the fest. More details can be found in this article here, but some of the other highlights include Precious, Get Low, Leaves of Grass, The Invention of Lying, The Informant!, and Bright Star.
-Thoughts on the festival lineup?

It's another rough week when it comes to DVD releases...

Unfortunately, this is another week when nothing particularly amazing comes out on DVD, but as always, there are things, regardless of quality, and luckily my PICK OF THE WEEK this year is a decent piece of genre film-making. It's:
This Spanish horror film was remade into Quarantine last year, but this original feature is much better, tenser, scarier, and above all else, more worth your time. It's a solid POV horror flick that you won't be disappointed in.
-Also out this week of even a little quality is the Dennis Quaid suspense flick Horsemen, which all but skipped theaters, and while it isn't fantastic, it isn't terrible either. There's also the period romance The Edge of Love, which is fairly average, and the HBO movie Grey Gardens, which was ok, but nothing more.
-Out this week of considerably less quality is The Haunting in Connecticut, which haunted me for all the wrong reasons, and the Direct-To-DVD Van Wilder: Freshman Year, which the less said about that flick, the better.
-Again, I'll offer up a few films for my Vintage pick in order to soften the blow of a lack of good films to pick up. We'll go with a John Cusack theme this week (for no real reason except that I'm a fan), and here are a few films of his that not everyone has seen, but are real good: The Sure Thing, Better Off Dead, City Hall, The Ice Harvest, Martian Child, and Grace is Gone. The latter film especially features an Oscar worthy performance by him, so check it out.
-What will you be watching on DVD this week?

Today's News: Judd Apatow's 'Funny People' comes to the Big Apple early at a special screening, Natalie Portman joins the cast of 'Thor', and more...

In the news:

New Yorkers looking to see Funny People over a week early and spend "An Evening with Judd Apatow" may want to take note of this special early screening.

Natalie Portman has been cast as the love interest in Marvel's upcoming comic book flick 'Thor'.

This article in The Hollywood Reporter compares Bruno's box office take to Borat's.

Jackie Chan signs on to Mr. Miyagi it up in the remake of 'The Karate Kid'.


July 13, 2009

'An Education' gets a Poster

This Sundance favorite and Oscar hopeful finally gets a Poster, and it's very nice, if not overtly amazing:

20 Films to still look forward to in 2009, curtosy of Rope of Silicon

Like I mentioned in the title of this post, Rope of Silicon has made a list of their 20 most anticipated films of the year still to be released. The original story is here, and Sasha Stone over at Awards Daily has her own list to go along with the aforementioned list here, but I figured I'd post the main list on the blog as well so everyone could see it in a quick glance. It's all the usual Oscar suspects, with some interesting twists thrown in. Now, without further BS from me...From #20 to #1, this is the original list:
20. The Invention of Lying
19. Ninja Assassin
18. Green Zone
17. Bright Star
16. A Serious Man
15. Ponyo
14. Shutter Island
13. The Wolfman
12. The Lovely Bones
11. The Princess and the Frog
10. Broken Embraces
09. 9
08. Sherlock Holmes
07. Funny People
06. Antichrist
05. The Road
04. The Informant
03. Inglorious Basterds
02. Avatar
01. Nine
-What are your most anticipated films still to come in 2009?

Today's News: Al Pacino plays Dr. Death, Honk Kong Phooey is coming to big screens, and more...

In the news:

A biopic about Dr. Jack Kevorkian is in the works, with Al Pacino in the lead, Susan Sarandon and John Goodman supporting, and Barry Levinson directing.

A 'Hong Kong Phooey' partially live-action movie? Apparently so.

Another toy is in development to become a big movie.

A new role for Jason Statham.

The novel 'The Flock' is becoming a movie, and potentially a summer blockbuster.

And finally, yesterday's premiere of the new season of 'Entourage' leads to a look at the relationship between the fictional movies on the show and movies in real life.


July 12, 2009

Warner Bros. wants to be the king of the tentpole!

This article in Variety is an interesting look at the big pictures the studio has coming in the next few years. It's definitely worth a read and gives you an idea of what some of the potential blockbusters coming our way are...though on a side note, it's nice that the studio heads want to have a minimum of 4 "tentpoles" a year, but at what cost will that come to the smaller, more Oscar friendly films that might otherwise have been made? Just something to ponder...

A glance at Wes Anderson's upcoming 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'

It's not much, but it's something...thoughts?

Ricky Gervais teases about his upcoming film 'Cemetery Junction' as only he can...

Take a peek:
<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-GB&amp;from=sp&amp;vid=c88c1f12-a2fa-45ec-90b5-7395f3a20bab" target="_new" title="Cemetery Junction - Exclusive Teaser">Video: Cemetery Junction - Exclusive Teaser</a>

July 11, 2009

Coming Soon: Podcast #5!

No, we haven't forgotten about it, so fear not...the next installment of The Awards Circuit Podcast is only days away!

Today's News: Ryan Reynolds is the 'Green Lantern', 'The Wolfman' gets some reshoots, Eli Roth talks Turkey, and more...

In the news:

Ryan Reynolds wins the casting duel for the rights to be the Green Lantern.

The upcoming Wolfman movie gets some reshoots, though word on the film is still positive.

Eli Roth teases about his upcoming full length version of the Grindhouse trailer 'Thanksgiving'.

The upcoming film 'Barney's Version' gets some cast members to go along with Paul Giamatti.


July 10, 2009

Today's Posters: Brothers, Jennifer's Body, It Might Get Loud, and (500) Days of Summer

Today we start with what is my favorite Poster so far this year, this amazing one for Jim Sheridan's Oscar hopeful, Brothers:
Next is this decently cool one for Jennifer's Body:

Then we have a new look at the rock documentary It Might Get Loud:

And finally we wrap up with a new Poster for a film I think is going to be a big hit and a possible Oscar dark horse, (500) Days of Summer: