October 31, 2008

A Remake of "Forbidden Planet" AND A Writer for Spiderman 4?

Seems as such, as these stories in The Hollywood Reporter indicate:
-J. Michael Straczynski, the writer of the Clint Eastwood-directed "Changeling," is penning a long-in-the-works update of sci-fi classic "Forbidden Planet" for Warner Bros. Joel Silver is producing via Silver Pictures.Warners picked up the project on the down-low earlier this year. As late as last year, it was set up at DreamWorks with David Twohy attached to direct. Prior to that, New Line had it. James Cameron, Nelson Gidding and Stirling Silliphant have been associated with the remake over the years.Released in 1956, "Planet" told the tale of an expedition sent from Earth to check on a colony of scientists on a far-off planet. They find two members, a man who has found alien technology that doubled his intellect, Dr. Morbius, and his daughter, both of whom have managed to survive an unseen monster roaming the planet. The movie, directed by Fred Wilcox, starred Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis and Leslie Nielsen, but is perhaps best known for the character Robbie the Robot.Matt Reilly is overseeing for the studio.While CAA-repped Straczynski is generating some heat for "Changeling," he is better known for his sci-fi and comic book work. He created TV shows "Babylon 5" and "Jeremiah," and worked on "Ninja Assassin" for Silver and the Wachowski Brothers.Straczynski also has feature projects "The Flickering Light" and "Lensman" with Ron Howard at Imagine Entertainment, and "They Marched Into Sunlight," with Paul Greengrass directing, at Playtone and Universal.
-Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire got out of a rabbit hole, only to be ensnared by a spider's web.Lindsay-Abaire, who won a Pulitzer in 2007 for his drama "Rabbit Hole," is in final negotiations to write "Spider-Man 4" for Columbia.Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire are back as director and star, respectively, as are series producers Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad. Kirsten Dunst also is expected to return for the latest movie featuring the Marvel Comics character.Plot details are under lock and key.Columbia always has gone off the beaten path during the development process when hiring writers for the "Spider-Man" movies. Alvin Sargent, a veteran scribe best known for 1973's "Paper Moon" and 1980's "Ordinary People," served as a writer on the second and third films. Michael Chabon, another Pulitzer winner, also worked on "Spider-Man 2."James Vanderbilt previously wrote a draft of "Spider-Man 4." Lindsay-Abaire's "Rabbit Hole," which starred Cynthia Nixon and Tyne Daly, hit the Broadway stage in 2006 and won four Tonys, including best play. The writer also is known for the play "Fuddy Meers."Lindsay-Abaire has said in interviews that his plays tend to be "peopled with outsiders in search of clarity," which would put his work on sympathetic terms with Peter Parker, who in his classic incarnation is the perpetual outsider.The choice of scribe also signals that that filmmakers are intent to focus on character, something that critics said got lost in the third installment.Gersh-repped Lindsay-Abaire, now writing the book and lyrics for the Broadway musical adaptation of "Shrek," has dipped his toe in Tinseltown before, with his adaptation of "Inkheart" due in January. He is also adapting "Rabbit" for 20th Century Fox and Nicole Kidman. Columbia had no comment.

WALL-E begins its campaign for Best Picture!

Is this all in vain, or can Pixar break through with this charming robot?

Curious what movies the director of "Curious Case" digs?

David Fincher sure has an eclectic group of favorite films, to say the least. Very cool stuff...

Happy Halloween!

Enjoy the day everyone! Be safe, and feel free to post here and tell us what cool movie-inspired costumes you guys wore!

October 30, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire Offical Trailer Hits!

-Does it live up to the hype for you?

Angels/Demons Teaser!

October 29, 2008

Sam Mendes tackling a Graphic Novel as his next project!

-Variety has this to say:
Sam Mendes will direct a bigscreen adaptation of the supernatural graphic novel "Preacher" for Columbia Pictures.
Created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon, graphic novel focuses on the preacher of a Texas town, who is struggling to get by and is driven only by his strong moral sense. When the city is decimated by an otherworldly force, he embarks on a journey across the country to take on the evil.
Supernatural project is a departure for Mendes, who is best known for tackling suburban angst in such films as "American Beauty" and the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio-Kate Winslet starrer "Revolutionary Road."
But Mendes isn’t new to the world of comicbooks: His drama "Road to Perdition" was also adapted from a graphic novel.
Neal Moritz ("I Am Legend") is producing through his Sony-based Original Film banner alongside Kickstart Prods.’ Jason Netter ("Wanted"). Ken Levin and Ori Marmur exec produce.
Columbia is also developing another Ennis comicbook, "The Boys," which Moritz and Netter are producing together.
The 75-issue "Preacher" series, which ran from 1995-2000, has been lauded with numerous kudos, including four Eisner Awards.
-As a Mendes fan, I'm excited to see what he does with this...

Marvel Solidifies Its Slate!

Variety has the story, which touches on the next Iron Man film(s) as well as The Avengers:
Robert Downey Jr. is living up to his title as Marvel Studios’ Iron Man.
In addition to starring in "Iron Man 2," Downey has agreed to return as billionaire Tony Stark and his crime-fighting alter ego in "The Avengers" and a third "Iron Man" installment, guaranteeing the thesp a superhero-sized payday and his own ongoing franchise as part of a four-picture deal with the comicbook company.
Jon Favreau, who is set to helm the second "Iron Man" pic, will also exec produce "The Avengers," which is skedded for release on July 15, 2011. Pic will unite the Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Incredible Hulk characters.
Company confirmed that Don Cheadle will replace Terrence Howard as Col. James Rhodes in the "Iron Man" sequels. Cheadle will also appear in "The Avengers."
Marvel has long refused to confirm until now whether Downey or Favreau were back for "Iron Man 2" even though both have been forthcoming about their plans for the sequel, which will bow May 7, 2010.
"Iron Man" has earned $578 million worldwide.
Given the sizable haul, Marvel needed to lock down Downey for future pics. Thesp’s been filling up his dance card with projects. He’s currently lensing Warner Bros.’ "Sherlock Holmes," which could also turn into a new franchise for Downey. Either way, deals put Downey front and center in a major tentpole each year through 2012.
Marvel will self-finance and produce its upcoming slate with Paramount distribbing the pics.
-Replacing Howard with Cheadle is mildly disappointing, but such is the way of the world...comforting to know that Favreau will be helming Iron Man 2!

JCVD Trailer

Incredibly strange, but somehow really interesting too:
-Count me in...how about all of you?

October 28, 2008

A Dreadful Week for DVD Releases!

Joey here, but I almost shouldn't even bother with this post this week. The pickings are so slim it's laughable. I decided to go through with it because I have an obligation to all of you readers out there and also because my PICK OF THE WEEK last week didn't get released in all stores, so it continues as the pick this week in case you missed it:
The Go-Getter
Last week I wrote that "This intimate road movie about a guy who's recently lost his mother and is on a search for his brother through the Pacific Northwest and California is a tour de force of acting and emotion. It hits all the right marks and has a fantastic cast including Lou Taylor Pucci, Zooey Deschanel, Jena Malone, Maura Tierney, and Judy Greer. Seek it out and thank me later!" and it still holds true. Go get it!
-As for the other releases, the only new films out are the dumb as all hell Journey to the Center of the Earth (in 3D if that floats your boat), the mediocore family film Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, and the Z grade exploitation flicks Hell Ride and Zombie Strippers. None are particularly worth your time.
-As such, my vintage pick needs to be creative. After careful deliberation I've decided to name as my pick Good Night, and Good Luck, George Clooney's Edward R Murrow film. In these stressful political times, it's good to look back on our past so we're not doomed to repeat it. Clooney makes an incredibly compelling historical thriller that is all about the meeting of two stubborn minds. This was a widely praised film, and if you haven't seen it yet, now's your time!
-What will you guys be watching this week?

The British Independent Film Awards Have Their Nominations

Here they are:
In Bruges
Man on Wire
Slumdog Millionaire
Somers Town
Mark Herman – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Steve McQueen – Hunger
Danny Boyle – Slumdog Millionaire
Shane Meadows – Somers Town
Garth Jennings – Son of Rambow
James Watkins – Eden Lake
Rupert Wyatt – The Escapist
Steve McQueen – Hunger
Martin McDonagh – In Bruges
Eran Creevy – Shifty
Enda Walsh, Steve McQueen – Hunger
Martin McDonagh – In Bruges
Simon Beaufoy – Slumdog Millionaire
Paul Fraser – Somers Town
Garth Jennings – Son of Rambow
Vera Farmiga – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Samantha Morton – The Daisy Chain
Keira Knightley – The Duchess
Kelly Reilly – Eden Lake
Sally Hawkins – Happy-Go-Lucky
Michael Fassbender – Hunger
Colin Farrell – In Bruges
Brendan Gleeson – In Bruges
Riz Ahmed – Shifty
Thomas Turgoose – Somers Town
Emma Thompson – Brideshead Revisited
Hayley Atwell – The Duchess
Kristin Scott Thomas – Easy Virtue
Sienna Miller – The Edge of Love
Alexis Zegerman – Happy-Go-Lucky
Ralph Fiennes – The Duchess
Eddie Marsan – Happy-Go-Lucky
Liam Cunningham – Hunger
Ralph Fiennes – In Bruges
Daniel Mays– Shifty
Asa Butterfield – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Dev Patel – Slumdog Millionaire
Ayush Mahesh Khedekar – Slumdog Millionaire
Bill Milner – Son of Rambow
Will Poulter – Son of Rambow
The Daisy Chain
The Escapist
One Day Removals
Zebra Crossings
Wardrobe – Michael O’Connor – The Duchess
Cinematography – Sean Bobbitt – Hunger
Editing – Jon Gregory – In Bruges
Music – Harry Escott, Molly Nyman – Shifty
Cinematography – Anthony Dod Mantle – Slumdog Millionaire
A Complete History of My Sexual Failures
Man on Wire
Of Time and The City
Three Miles North of Molkom
Alex And Her Arse Truck
Gone Fishing
Love Does Grow On Trees
Red Sands
The Diving Bell & The Butterfly
I’ve Loved You So Long
Waltz With Bashir
-THE RICHARD HARRIS AWARD (for outstanding contribution to British Film)
David Thewlis
Michael Sheen

October 27, 2008

Christopher talks about the 'Dark Knight', and more!

Christopher Nolan broke his silence on the success of the Dark Knight, and the possibility of a 3 part to the franchise.

Here's a tidbit from the interview:
GB: Could you see actually yourself not making the third Batman film?

NOLAN: Well ... let me think how to put this. There are two things to be said. One is the emphasis on story. What’s the story? Is there a story that’s going to keep me emotionally invested for the couple of years that it will take to make another one? That’s the overriding question. On a more superficial level, I have to ask the question: How many good third movies in a franchise can people name? [Laughs.] At the same time, in taking on the second one, we had the challenge of trying to make a great second movie, and there haven't been too many of those either. It’s all about the story really. If the story is there, everything is possible. I hope that was a suitably slippery answer.
Read more here. I hope they can come up with a story superior to (or on equal footing with) the DK, though that would be incredibly tough. More will come from this in the future. But, I'm interested to see what else Nolan has in store for us. Between Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, he gave us the Prestige. Hopefully, he has something else in works before (or if) he decides to work on a third Batman film.

Philip Seymour Hoffman officially Supporting for Doubt!

With this news coming round the bend, he seems to have a lock on a nomination in this category if the film and his performance lives up to the hype, as well as unclogging the Best Actor race a bit more (I still think Mickey Rourke is the frontrunner there).
-What do you guys think?


Evidently someone is trying to use my name to insult certain readers on the forum and blog.
If my name isn't there with the option to click on my name for e-mail and picture, than it isn't me.
I'm sorry for the immaturity of certain people and we will be on the lookout for this person.
Clayton Davis
P.S. Be on the lookout for more updates during the days.....We're back and better than ever.

Slumdog Millonaire, Teaser

Movie looks really good...Can this movie break the "little-indie-that-could" losing streak?

Wendy and Lucy Trailer

-FYC Michelle Williams?

October 25, 2008

October 24, 2008

Gran Torino Trailer!

-Is this a real dark horse?

How We See Best Picture Shaping Up As Of Today!

Our fearless leader Clay has updated the chart for Best Pic today ( http://www.awardscircuit.com/Images/bestpicture.html ), and the predicted 5 are, in order:
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
-Revolutionary Road
-Slumdog Millionaire

Doubt will open the AFI Fest instead of The Soloist

Here's part of the press release:
-The festival will screen an unfinished version of DOUBT when it opens AFI FEST on Thursday, October 30, 2008, at ArcLight Hollywood’s Cinerama Dome Theatre. The Opening Night Gala is the film’s World Premiere and is presented by Audi of America…
“The movie is still being finished, but we were so excited to show DOUBT and help our friends at AFI FEST and the American Film Institute at the same time. We couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity,” said Miramax president Daniel Battsek.
“We are grateful to Miramax Films and producers Scott Rudin and Mark Roybal for providing AFI the honor of premiering this highly anticipated, unfinished version of DOUBT. There is no doubt that bringing together Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams in concert with the extraordinary talents of writer/director John Patrick Shanley promises an evening that will celebrate the finest in American film,” said Rose Kuo, AFI FEST Artistic Director

Slumdog Millionaire Poster

October 22, 2008

New Watchmen Poster!

-Between this and the new trailer that debuted, it looks like this film may really capture the tone of the graphic novel....are you guys excited for this film?

17 Again Trailer

-seems awfully familiar, but could be a real crowd pleaser...

October 21, 2008

Hypothetically Speaking...

Let's suppose that Quantum of Solace is a critical hit. It receives a 90-94 percent on Rottentomatoes, and has a metacritic score between 80-85. Let's also suppose that it makes a ton of money. Somewhere along the lines of 500-600 million worldwide. Given the current status of the Dark Knight as a potential best picture nominee, would Quantum of Solace be afforded the same "potential best picture" treatment? Or, is this treatment only reserved for the Dark Knight?

David Gordon Green Goes The Horror Route!

Up until Pineapple Express this year, Green had been a mainstay in indie cinema (and one of my personal favorite budding auteurs) and made his first studio film a successful one, so it'll be interesting to see what he does with this project, as The Hollywood Reporter, well...reports:
-Overture Films has tapped David Gordon Green to direct the horror thriller "Freaks of the Heartland," written by freshman scribes Peter Sattler and Geoff Davey. The company recently purchased the rights to the Dark Horse graphic novel written by Steve Niles.Green and Dark Horse Entertainment president Mike Richardson are producing. Niles, who also wrote "30 Days of Night," is executive producing.Illustrated by Greg Ruth, Niles' six-part 2004 series about the horrible secret of a rural Middle American town involves Trevor Owen's attempts to protect his "monster" of a 6-year-old younger brother and Gristlewood Valley's other "freaks" from their parents' worst instincts.Overture COO Danny Rosett, who worked with Green on his 2004 film "Undertow" when Rosett was at United Artists, pre-emptively purchased the rights for the company.Overture continues to accelerate its development of genre material; it has "Pandorum" shooting in Berlin and "The Crazies," a reinvention of George A. Romero's 1973 horror film, in development with Breck Eisner attached to direct.The Liberty Media studio also recently acquired remake rights to the Swedish horror film "Let the Right One In," which "Cloverfield" director Matt Reeves will write and direct; the Icelandic mystery "Jar City"; and the Israeli comedy "92 Minutes."Overture has "Last Chance Harvey" and "Nothing Like the Holidays" releasing before year's end. "Righteous Kill" was its most recent opening.Green, who is repped by CAA and the Gotham Group, most recently directed "Pineapple Express" and "Snow Angels." Gotham also reps Sattler, Davey and Dark Horse. Niles is repped by CAA.

Had to ask...

Let's be honest, who's going to go see Saw V this weekend? I'm definitely not making the same mistake twice, but I am sure some of you are prepared to make an event out of this disgusting, grossly popular(?) franchise. It will undoubtedly be the No. 1 grossing movie in America unless people are tired (let's hope) of this franchise. But, if Max Payne can win the box office, this one will too.

Some Flicks To "Go Get" on DVD This Week!

Hey all, this week we have a real treat on dvd, a flick that flew way way under the radar when it came out for what seemed like a few days, but it's a real great movie and my obvious PICK OF THE WEEK. It is:
The Go-Getter
This intimate road movie about a guy who's recently lost his mother and is on a search for his brother through the Pacific Northwest and California is a tour de force of acting and emotion. It hits all the right marks and has a fantastic cast including Lou Taylor Pucci, Zooey Deschanel, Jena Malone, Maura Tierney, and Judy Greer. Seek it out and thank me later!
-Some other good stuff out this week includes the incredibly well made home invasion horror flick The Strangers, Marvel's pseudo-reboot of The Incredible Hulk, and the latest in Kevin Smith's Q and A movies, this one called A Threevening with Kevin Smith. If you dig Kevin Smith, this isn't to be missed.
-Also out is the uneven ensemble film The Stone Angel and the rather terrible Creationism documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.
-My vintage pick this week is Into the Wild, which was robbed of a load of nominations last year, but is still just as powerful a film this year. If you've never seen it yet, go and give it a shot today!
-What will you be seeing this week?

October 20, 2008

Gotham Indie Awards Announce Their Nominees!

Here they are:
-Best Feature
“Frozen River”
“Synecdoche, New York”
“The Visitor”
“The Wrestler”
-Best Documentary
“Chris & Don: A Love Story”
“Encounters at the End of the World”
“Man on Wire”
“Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired”
“Trouble the Water”
-Best Ensemble Performance
“Rachel Getting Married”
“Synecdoche, New York”
“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”
“The Visitor”
-Breakthrough Director
Antonio Campos, “Aftershool”
Dennis Dortch, “A Good Day to be Black & Sexy”
Lance Hammer, “Ballast”
Barry Jenkins, “Medicine for Melancholy”
Alex Rivera, “Sleep Dealer”
-Breakthrough Actor
Pedro Castaeda, “August Evening”
Rosemarie DeWitt, “Rachel Getting Married”
Rebecca Hall, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”
Melissa Leo, “Frozen River”
Alejandro Polanco, “Chop Shop”
Micheah J. Smith Jr., “Ballast”
-Best Film Not Playing in a Theater Near You
“The New Year Parade”
“Sita Sings the Blues”


This year we are trying something different...Instead of 24 random films, we are choosing 12 Originals and 12 Adapted's to compete for the title.
As of now, we are down to 40 films and on NOVEMBER 16th, we will annouced to the TOP 24.

Look at the list and voice your opinions of which ones should make it...We will take all your thoughts into consideration.


Burn After Reading
Frozen River
Gran Torino
Happy Go Lucky
I've Loved You So Long
Nothing But the Truth
Pineapple Express
Rachel Getting Married
Seven Pounds
Synecdoche, New York
Tropic Thunder
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Visitor, The
Wrestler, The

Body of Lies
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Dark Knight
Duchess, The
Horton Hears a Who!
Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Iron Man
Miracle at St. Anna
Reader, The
Revolutionary Road
Slumdog Millionaire



Apologies and News

Hello Readers,
First of all I want to send my deepest apologies to you guys for the lack of updates. It has been a very trying time in my life due to economy issues and personal life and family situations. It isn't a mystery that a lot of jobs are being lost around the country. My job was one of them and it has been very difficult but I'm proud to say I am now back on my feet and tackle this site again.
I wanted to address some of your concerns. It does take sometime to update the site and isn't a quick process. It isn't plastic surgery but it is time consuming.
Reviews, Big Openings Articles, and much more....I promise, this season will be great!
With all the love for the readers,

October 18, 2008

If You Had Control Of The Nominations....

Indeed, if you guys (and gals) were able to pick the 5 nominees for Best Picture at the current moment, what would they be?

-Would The Dark Knight or Wall-E be able to break through their supposed glass ceilings for nods? Let us know!

Push Trailer

could be dumb fun....but probably not

The Dark Knight Revisited

The chances of the The Dark Knight receiving a nomination seem to grow by the weekend. Some of the movies that we expected to compete are receiving terrible reviews (Changeling, Body of Lies, and Blindness); Some are getting push backed (Soloist, and the Road); and the decent films are not receiving as much buzz as the Dark Knight (Rachel Getting Married, Happy-Go-Lucky, The Wrestler). If the month of October is any indicator, the Dark Knight remains the picture to beat. Obviously, it is too soon for certainty, considering there are major contenders that have yet to be seen. But with the re-release, the Dark Knight looks like it is in prime position to show why it should get a nomination. As the trees continue to fall, there is always one that grows stronger. The Dark Knight is the tree that continue to grow. Let's see if any of the other trees continue to fall.

A First Look At Brad Pitt As A "Basterd"!

And yes, that's how Tarantino is spelling it....

October 17, 2008

Kevin Smith Goes To Space

The Hollywood Reporter "blasts off" with the story:
-Writer-director Kevin Smith is developing a futuristic outer space comedy.The film will reference other sci-fi movies and revolves around a father-son relationship. Smith has nodded to the genre in his earlier work but never made a sci-fi film. The indie-minded Smith is aiming for a budget in the $45 million-$50 million range, which would be his biggest. He again will produce with partner Scott Mosier via their View Askew banner.Harvey and Bob Weinstein, with whom Smith has collaborated on most of his movies, could reteam with Smith on the film. Insiders said that TWC execs have read part of the script and are interested in making the movie. Smith has finished a first draft of the script, but the project will not move forward until after his next project, "Red State." Smith will not be doing that with the Weinsteins but instead is seeking independent financing and a spring start date for his dramatic tale of a domestic terrorist in the Heartland.The Weinstein Co. this month will release Smith's Seth Rogen comedy "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." That film, at about $25 million, had his biggest-budget to date, but Smith knows the sci-fi movie will be pricier."The moment someone steps out of the spaceship, it's going to cost a little more," he said. Smith said he's looking forward to exploring new character dynamics as well as outer space."All the relationships in the flicks I've done have been done before, have been either a guy falling for a girl or two dudes hanging out in a 'bromantic' comedy," he said. "I wanted to explore a father and son."

No Joke About What Category Ledger Will Compete In!

Entertainment Weekly confirms that Heath's captivating work as the clown prince of crime will be campaigned as a Supporting role:
That's the official word this morning from Warner Bros. as to how Heath Ledger will be campaigned for his riveting performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight. To which I say: smart move. I know some people were pulling for a Best Actor placement for the late star, but that just didn't feel right to me (nor, apparently, to the Warner Bros. people). Sure, Ledger had tons of screen time and is certainly the most memorable thing about the film. But the movie is called The Dark Knight, not The Joker. The only Best Actor candidate here should be Christian Bale.
But the most important thing to consider is his chance at the win. I doubt he'd have a shot at beating The Wrestler's Mickey Rourke, or Milk's Sean Penn, or Frost/Nixon's Frank Langella in the Best Actor race. But in the supporting category, his strongest likely competitor is Doubt's Philip Seymour Hoffman, coincidentally the man who defeated Ledger for Best Actor the only other time Ledger was nominated, for Brokeback Mountain. While Hoffman's Capote performance was the sure bet back then, this time it could be a true toss-up.

A Funny Look At The Chaotic State of The Oscar Race!

Thanks to Awards Daily!

A Better Idea of What Exactly Tarintino's "Inglorious Basterds" Is About!

Inglourious Basterds begins in German-occupied France, where Shosanna Dreyfus (Mélanie Laurent) witnesses the execution of her family at the hand of Nazi Colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz). Shosanna narrowly escapes and flees to Paris, where she forges a new identity as the owner and operator of a cinema.
Elsewhere in Europe, Lieutenant Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) organizes a group of Jewish soldiers to engage in targeted acts of retribution. Known to their enemy as “The Basterds,” Raine’s squad joins German actress and undercover agent Bridget Von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger) on a mission to take down the leaders of The Third Reich. Fates converge under a cinema marquee, where Shosanna is poised to carry out a revenge plan of her own.
-Sounds interesting to me!

Another Reminder That The Wait Is Almost Over!

Once again, to everyone who's been concerned about the lack of updates on the main site...fear not! In the coming days the site will be running at full strength again. A lot of issues needed taking care of, so with that out of the way now, keep your eyes open for updates to the Big Openings, Reviews, and Main Predictions part of the site, along with the Top 24 for Academy Idol and the continuation of Bait An Oscar, among other things. Our long slumber is coming to an end!

October 16, 2008

Both The Soloist and The Road Moving To 09?

So seems to be the rumor.....wonder what that does to the race as of now...

'The Road' Screened Last Night?

Read it for yourself. But, if this is true, then maybe there is hope that 'The Road' will be released soon.

October 15, 2008

In The Coming Days We'll Be Back And Better Than Ever!

To everyone who's been concerned about the lack of updates on the main site...fear not! By the end of the week the site will be running at full strength again. A lot of issues needed taking care of, so with that out of the way now, keep your eyes open for udates to the Big Openings, Reviews, and Main Predictions part of the site, among other things. Our long slumber is coming to an end!

October 14, 2008

An Eclectic Bunch of Films on DVD This Week!

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!) Today we have something for everyone pretty much on DVD. My PICK OF THE WEEK is definitely not for everyone, but those who have an interest in the following film will certainly be rewarded:
4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days
This story of a quest for an illegal abortion is powerful stuff and well worth the time of anyone who can handle it. It was a critical favorite and definitely deserves a look.
-Also out we have Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was slightly disappointing to me, but certainly had its fans. It's worth picking up if for no other reason then to complete your collection. The satire of the current military industrial complex/John Cusack vehicle War Inc. is out as well, and while I didn't like it much on first viewing, on DVD it holds up slightly better. Think of it as a slightly inferior sequel to Grosse Point Blank and let that be your guide as to whether to see it or not. The dark comedy/thriller Stuck hits shelves today too, and it's certainly different. If the prospect of seeing what a homeless man stuck in a windshield will do for survival appeals to you, this is right up your alley. Finally, we have the Errorl Morris Iraq documentary Standard Operating Procedure, and the foreign film nominee Mongol, both of which are very good and worth a look.
-On the vintage front, my pick is none other than Brick, the modern update of the noir genre that hit theaters a few years ago. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is terrific and it's just a very cool flick overall.
-What will you guys be checking out this week?

Poster for Pixar's Up is...well, Up!

Seven Pounds Official Trailer

1. Run scene? check!

2. Potential to make over 100 million even if it seems a little sappy? check!

3. At least 1 hot woman? check!

4. A summer release date? Well, no. But, we have to give it to Will Smith for making the impossible possible. Or, we can just give him 20 million dollars a movie.

October 13, 2008

Could We Be Seeing A Sequel to Wall Street?

Apparently so, according to this piece in The Hollywood Reporter:

With the nation keeping an eye on the see-sawing stock market, Fox is ready to revisit if greed is indeed good by pushing anew with its "Wall Street" sequel, titled "Money Never Sleeps."Allan Loeb has been tapped to write the script in what is being described as a page one rewrite. The logline is being kept under wraps, though it will feature the character of Gordon Gekko, the corporate raider character immortalized by Michael Douglas in the 1987 Oliver Stone film. Douglas, who won an Oscar for the role, is interested in reprising the character but will make his decision of whether to return based on the script. Ed Pressman, who produced the original, is producing the sequel. Loeb, repped by CAA, wrote "Things We Lost in the Fire" and "21" and created the TV show "New Amsterdam."
-Loeb isn't a bad writer, so this could become an interesting project...

Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as John Watson!

These are the first pics of both men in Guy Ritchie's upcoming Sherlock flick.

Ridley Scott Goes Back To Space (And Sci Fi)!

Seems like he's finally making his long awaited film The Forever War, as this Variety article says:
Fox 2000 has acquired rights to Joe Haldeman’s 1974 novel "The Forever War," and Ridley Scott is planning to make it into his first science fiction film since he delivered back-to-back classics with "Blade Runner" and "Alien."
Scott intended to follow those films with "The Forever War," but rights complications delayed his plans for more than two decades.
The film will be produced by Scott Free. Vince Gerardis and Ralph Vicinanza will exec produce. Their company, Created By, reps Haldeman and spent the last decade trying to get back the rights.
"I first pursued ‘Forever War’ 25 years ago, and the book has only grown more timely and relevant since," Scott told Daily Variety. "It’s a science-fiction epic, a bit of ‘The Odyssey’ by way of ‘Blade Runner,’ built upon a brilliant, disorienting premise."
Book revolves around a soldier who battles an enemy in deep space for only a few months, only to return home to a planet he doesn’t recognize some 20 years later, Scott said.
"The Forever War" rights were acquired right after publication by f/x titan Richard Edlund, who spent $400,000 of his own money and intended to make the book his directorial debut. The book became an iconic sci-fi title but Edlund, who won two Oscars — including one for visual effects on "Raiders of the Lost Ark" — never got "The Forever War" off the ground. After a Sci Fi Channel miniseries stalled, Scott became interested again and Edlund was ready to make a deal. It took six months to secure all the rights.
Scott Free and Fox 2000’s Elizabeth Gabler and Rodney Ferrell will hire a writer immediately. Scott, whose "Body of Lies" was released Friday, next plans to direct "Nottingham," starring Russell Crowe. He has several other projects percolating that include the thriller "Child 44," for which Richard Price just penned a script, and "Gucci," about the internecine squabbles within the fashion family that led to the murder of Maurizio Gucci. That Fox 2000 pic has a new draft by Charles Randolph.
-Definitely something to look forward to!

October 11, 2008

Scott Rudin no longer a "Reader"

So says Variety:
After a long and bruising battle with Harvey Weinstein over Stephen Daldry's "The Reader," producer Scott Rudin is leaving the project and taking his name off the film.
Weinstein and Rudin have never gotten along. They clashed over Daldry's 2002 "The Hours," also written by David Hare, and again over the post-production schedule of "The Reader."
Rudin, the winner of the best picture Oscar for last year's "No Country for Old Men," had first tried to push the World War II romance starring Kate Winslet back to 2009, because he didn't want to campaign for an Oscar along with "Doubt" and "Revolutionary Road," which also stars Winslet.
Rudin fought hard to get more post-production time and support for his director, who is prepping the November 13 opening of the musical "Billy Elliot" on Broadway. When Weinstein insisted on holding Daldry to his promise to release the movie in 2008 if it tested well enough in previews, Rudin and Daldry finally agreed to deliver the film for a Dec. 12 release.
The battle over getting Daldry more weeks of editing time and moving scoring sessions to New York grew so intense that both sides hired top-notch legal counsel, who sent a series of high-pitched letters that were leaked to the press, along with Daldry's heartfelt pleas to Weinstein for more editing time.
"We have given Stephen Daldry every resource to finish the picture and will continue to do so," said one Weinstein Co. spokeswoman.
During the battle, both sides have tried to invoke the post-mortem support of late producers Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella.
The Weinstein Co. described the situation as "unfolding" and said that another producer on the pic, Donna Gigliotti ("Shakespeare in Love") was "capable of finishing the movie."
-We'll see what this means for the film...

Che Poster

So I guess this movie will eventually be released. I don't care much for Che. I think he's slightly overrated, but I hope Del Toro gets some love for his acting abilities.

Can Seth Rogen Cure "Cancer" Throught Comedy?

We shall see, according to this post in The Hollywood Reporter:

-Is the world ready for a cancer comedy? Seth Rogen and Mandate Pictures think so.Mandate has picked up "I'm With Cancer," a comedic autobiographical spec written by Will Reiser that Rogen will produce with his writing-producing partner Evan Goldberg and Ben Karlin ("The Daily Show With Jon Stewart").Rogen also will have a supporting role in the film."Cancer" is Reiser's account of his struggle to beat cancer, with the story centering on a 25-year-old who finds out he has the disease. Reiser was a producer and field producer on HBO's "Da Ali G Show" and VH1's "Best Week Ever." He works with Karlin at Super Ego Industries, the HBO-based shingle that Karlin set up in 2007. Reiser also will exec produce "Cancer."Nathan Kahane and Tendo Nagenda will oversee the project for Mandate, which is fast-tracking the project and hopes to go out to directors this month. "Cancer" reteams Rogen and Goldberg with Mandate, for whom they are writing and producing the end-of-the-world comedy "Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse." (Rogen also is attached to star in the project, which continues Mandate's push into comedy after the massive success of "Juno.") The duo are working on Sony's "The Green Hornet" remake that will star Rogen and which Stephen Chow will direct. Karlin, repped by UTA and 3 Arts Entertainment, has won nine Emmys as writer, head writer and exec producer of "The Daily Show" and as a co-creator/executive producer of "The Colbert Report." Rogen and Goldberg are repped by UTA. Rogen is additionally repped by Principal Entertainment. Reiser is with UTA and Thruline Entertainment.

New Defiance Poster!

Daniel Craig is definitely shaping up to be the Oscar focus of this film, though rumors have the supporting work being just as good, if not better....

October 9, 2008

New Frost/Nixon Poster!

Certainly better than the first one....what does everyone think?

October 8, 2008

An Interesting Take on "The Tempest"

The Hollywood Reporter has the story:
-Julie Taymor is gathering a cast ranging from blue-blooded Oscar winners to up-and-comers for her big-screen adaptation of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" that, in a gender-defying twist, will see Helen Mirren reigning over the magical island.Although the play centers on Prospero, an exiled duke-turned-sorcerer, Taymor -- who likes to take an experimental approach to her stage and film projects -- has rechristened the lead character Prospera so that Mirren can take on the role.Mirren will be surrounded by Jeremy Irons, Djimon Hounsou, Russell Brand, Alfred Molina, Ben Wishaw and Felicity Jones. Geoffrey Rush is in negotiations to join the cast.The film, being produced by Bob Chartoff, Lynn Hendee and Julia Taylor-Stanley, is eyeing a November start date in Hawaii. Miramax has acquired the rights to all English-speaking territories; Icon is handling foreign sales. Shakespeare's play mixes romance with fraternal politics and the supernatural. As revised for the screen, it will center around Prospera, her daughter Miranda (Jones) and a shipwrecked crew full of Prospera's enemies.The island's other inhabitants include Hounsou as the deformed slave Caliban and Wishaw as the airy spirit Ariel.On the ship are rising comedy star Brand, playing Trinculo, a jester; Irons, as Alonso, the King of Naples; and Molina as the drunken butler Stephano. Rush would play Gonzalo, a royal adviser and old ally of Prospera's.The cast includes an unusually high concentration of Oscar-winning stars: Mirren earned best actress honors for "The Queen," while Irons took home the best actor trophy for "Reversal of Fortune" and Rush got the nod for "Shine." All three are repped by CAA.Hounsou won best supporting actor nominations for "Blood Diamond" and "In America." The actor continues to be repped by Gersh and the Peter Safran Co. Brand, repped by Endeavor, will next be seen in "Bedtime Stories." Brit actors Wishaw and Jones worked together in Miramax's "Brideshead Revisited." Molina is repped by Endeavor."The Tempest" is Taymor's second big-screen foray into Shakespearean territory -- she turned his "Titus Andronicus" into the 1999 film "Titus."The pic also continues the strong relationship Taymor has developed with Disney, for which she directed the Broadway musical adaptation of "The Lion King," and Disney's specialty division Miramax, which released her Salma Hayek-starrer "Frida."

The Uninvited Trailer

The remake of the Korean horror flick "A Tale of Two Sisters" has a trailer:

-The cast isn't bad, so maybe this can exceed expectations...

October 7, 2008

Some Flicks to "Visit" on DVD This Week!

Hey all, it's that time of the week again (Tuesday), so let's jump right in. My PICK OF THE WEEK is a film that is generating a bit of Oscar buzz for the lead performance. The film is:
The Visitor
Richard Jenkins is brilliant in this subdued character study. The movie is very good, but he is much more than that. See it for him alone, if nothing else.
-Also out worth a look is Gus Van Sant's latest film Paranoid Park, which is not his best film ever, but it's certainly very interesting, and Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising. He made the film available for free online for a few weeks, and while it's probably my least favorite of his "documentaries", it still makes a great point about the importance of the youth vote and is worth a look.
-Hitting shelves as well is The Happening, which spoiled a great concept and ended up being almost laughably bad, and You Don't Mess With The Zohan, which has its moments but overall is rather poor.
-My vintage pick is Do The Right Thing. My second favorite Spike Lee film (25th Hour holds the #1 spot), this Brooklyn set drama lays out the issues with race relations in a way that had never really been shown before. A worthwhile movie to watch in every sense of the word.
-What will you guys be watching this week?

October 6, 2008

Oscar Revote?

EW launched Oscar Revote. This won't have much practical impact. Are they going to give Ang Lee and Brokeback Mountain their Oscar? It should spark some interesting debates. I personally think Goodfellas should have ousted Dancing with Wolves, Titantic was somewhat overrated, and the LOTRs franchise should have 3 best picture wins. That's just my take, but I'm sure things will turn out differently.

What do you think about the revote?

October 3, 2008

More Zombies From The Master!

Variety tells the story of the rise of the new George A. Romero zombie flick:
-Director George Romero is beginning production on an untitled thriller. Once again, the antagonists are flesh-eating zombies.Romero first mined zombies with "Night of the Living Dead" and has been cannibalizing the genre since, most recently with "Diary of the Dead."
Romero wrote the new film and began shooting this week in Ontario.
Plot involves inhabitants of an isolated island off the North American coast who find their relatives rising from the dead to eat their kin. The leaders of the island feud over whether or not to kill their reanimated relatives or preserve them in hopes of finding a cure.
Cast includes Alan Van Sprang, Kenneth Welsh, Kathleen Munroe, Devon Bostick, Richard Fitzpatrick, Stefano Colacitti and Athena Karkanis.
Paula Devonshire is producing. Romero is exec producer along with Peter Grunwald, D.J. Carson and Artfire Films' Ara Katz, Art Spigel and Dan Fireman. Voltage Pictures is handling international sales, and Cinetic Media will sell domestic.

Role Models Trailer

One of these films will win the Oscar for Foreign Film!

-The following is the list of films in contention for the Foreign Film award:
Algeria, “Masquerades” (Lyes Salem)
Argentina, “Lion’s Den” (Pablo Trapero)
Austria, “Revanche” (Gotz Spielmann)
Bangladesh, “Aha!” (Enamul Karim Nirjhar)
Belgium, “Eldorado” (Bouli Lanners)
Bosnia-Herzegovina, “Snow” (Aida Begic)
Brazil, “Last Stop 174” (Bruno Barreto)
Bulgaria, “Zift” (Javor Gardev)
Canada, “Necessities of Life” (Benoit Pilon)
Chile, “Tony Manero” (Pablo Larrain)
China, “Dream Weavers” (Yu Gun)
Colombia, “Dog Eat Dog” (Carlos Moreno)
Croatia, “No One’s Son” (Arsen Anton Ostojic)
Czech Republic, “The Karamazovs” (Petr Zelenka)
Denmark, “Worlds Apart” (Niels Arden Oplev)
Estonia, “I Was Here” (Rene Vilibre)
Finland, “Home of Dark Butterflies” (Dome Karukoski)
France, “The Class” (Laurent Cantet)
Germany, “The Baader-Meinhof Complex” (Uli Edel)
Greece, “Correction” (Thanos Anastopoulos)
Hong Kong, “Painted Skin” (Donnie Yen)
Hungary, “Iska’s Journey” (Csaba Bollok)
Iceland, “White Night Wedding” (Baltasar Kormakur)
India, “Taare Zameen Par” (Aamir Khan)
Iran, “The Song of Sparrows” (Majid Majidi)
Israel, “Waltz With Bashir” (Ari Folman)
Italy, “Gomorrah” (Matteo Garrone)
Japan, “Departures” (Yojiro Takita)
Jordan, “Captain Abu Raed” (Amin Matalqa)
Kyrgyzstan, “Tengri” (Marie-Jaoul de Ponchville)
Luxembourg, “Arabian Nights” (Paul Kieffer)
Macedonia, “I Am From Titov Veles” (Teona Strugar-Mitevska)
Mexico, “Tear Up My Life” (Roberto Sneider)
Morocco, “Goodbye Mothers” (Mohamed Ismail)
The Netherlands, “Dunya and Desie” (Dana Nechushtan)
Norway, “O’ Horten” (Bent Hamer)
Palestine, “Salt of This Sea” (Annemarie Jacir)
The Philippines, “Ploning” (Dante Nico Garcia)
Poland, “Tricks” (Andrzej Jakimowski)
Portugal, “Our Beloved Month of August” (Miguel Gomes)
Romania, “The Rest is Silence” (Nae Caranfil)
Russia, “The Mermaid” (Anna Melikyan)
Serbia, “The Tour” (Goran Markovic)
Singapore, “My Magic” (Eric Khoo)
Slovakia, “Blind Loves” (Juraja Lehotskeho)
Slovenia, “Rooster’s Breakfast” (Marko Nabersnik)
South Korea, “Crossing” (Kim Tae-Gyun)
Spain, “The Blind Sunflowers” (Jose Luis Cuerda)
Sweden, “Everlasting Moments” (Jan Troell)
Switzerland, “The Friend” (Micha Lewinsky)
Taiwan, “Cape No. 7” (Wei Te-Sheng)
Turkey, “Three Monkeys” (Nuri Bilge Ceylan)
Venezuela, “The Taint of Fame” (Alejandro Bellame)