September 30, 2008

Don't Forget about Sarah Marshall or Tony Stark On DVD!

This week we have two, count em, two of the best movies of the year so far. These are so good that for the first time, this article almost had a tie for the PICK OF THE WEEK. It literally took almost all night to decide on which one would ge the nod, but in the end I went with:
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
This film is possibly the best to ever come out of the Apatow stable and is the funniest movie of the year, and yet also perhaps the most emotional. I loved it without regret and you should as well.
-Coming up just a bit behind is Iron Man. One of the most fun times at the movies this year was watching Robert Downey Jr. own the role of Tony Stark. If nothing else, pick up the film for his performance.
-Also out this week is Taxi To The Dark Side, a tremendous documentary about abuse in the Middle East, Chapter 27, the flawed story of John Lennon's killer, which has many issues but a good performance by Jared Leto, and the steroid documentary Bigger Stronger Faster, which is fascinating but only ok.
-My vintage pick is in honor of Paul Newman. It is The Hustler, and he just owns the screen opposite Jackie Gleeson. A classic without question.
-What will you be watching this week?

I've Loved You So Long Trailer

Kristen Scott Thomas looks quite good here...

-is she on her way to a nomination?

September 29, 2008

Seven Pounds Trailer!

Finally... just wait for the Choke clip to finish...

what do you think?

Bedtime Stories Trailer!

Adam Sandler does Disney...
-we shall see how this one turns out...

September 28, 2008

Big News In Regard To Marvel's Thor!

Variety has the story:
- Kenneth Branagh is negotiating to direct "Thor," the next Marvel Comics property that will be turned into a live-action film by Marvel Studios. Pic will be released in 2010.
Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige's choice of Branagh is surprising, as Branagh hasn't really directed an action-heavy film since his debut on "Henry V," a bloody telling of the British king's conquest of France.
Branagh is the latest in a string of directors -- such as Jon Favreau ("Iron Man"), Christopher Nolan (the Batman franchise) and Gavin Hood ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine") -- with arthouse roots taking on big-budget comicbook fare.
Marvel will set a distributor for "Thor" shortly.
"Thor" comicbook adaptation, penned by Mark Protosevich, follows disabled medical student Donald Blake, who has an alter ego as the hammer-wielding Norse god Thor.
Marvel will self-finance the film via its $500 million credit facility through Merrill Lynch. Marvel used that coin to fund both "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" and will do the same for the "Iron Man" sequel that has director Favreau and star Robert Downey Jr. returning.
The "Thor" negotiations come during a resurgence for Branagh. He's currently drawing raves on the London stage in the title role of "Ivanov," and he'll next be seen acting in the Richard Curtis-directed "The Boat That Rocked" and the Bryan Singer-helmed "Valkyrie."
-Big news indeed....

A Missive From Harvey Weinstein and Scott Rudin Concerning "The Reader"

The meat of the announcement is the following:
-We are issuing this statement together to emphasize the fact that we are in complete agreement on the date we have chosen to release “The Reader.” Working together, we developed a plan to extend the post-production schedule in order to give Stephen Daldry the additional time he needs to successfully complete the film in time to release it on December 12, 2008.
-Seems like The Reader is coming to us this year after all!

Second Curious Case Trailer

If you weren't excited already, here is a brand spanking new Curious Case trailer. I think this film is going to be great! Some people might not like it (something you can say for most films), but it has that aura of a great film. Cate Blanchett looks great as usual, and I hope that Pitt gets some recognition for his role. If Paul Newman taught us anything, it's that being good looking does not have to be a liability or fatal flaw to great acting. Sure, the massive publicity thing hurts Pitt too, but it's time to give the guy a break, and recognize that he is one of the best talents in Hollywood. Anyway, disregard the rant, and enjoy a great trailer.

source: Rope of Silicon

September 27, 2008

Moive Icon, Paul Newman dead

It was expected anytime this month, but it's still something hard to accept. Mr. Paul Newman died at his this Friday. He was 83. Here are a few articles about his life and career.

September 25, 2008

Depp Equals Disney?

Seems as though Johnny Depp is becoming something of a staple at the Mouse House. According to this report in Reuters, he's going to be very busy:
Johnny Depp is becoming the new face of Walt Disney Studios. The actor will preside over the manic tea party in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" as the Mad Hatter and will play Tonto in "The Lone Ranger," whose latest screen incarnation is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.
Disney formally announced the casting Wednesday at a studio presentation. It also said it is officially in development on a fourth installment of "Pirates of the Carribean," which would see Depp reprise his popular role of Captain Jack.
On the "Alice" front, Depp and Burton -- who first worked together in 1990's "Edward Scissorhands" and most recently collaborated on "Sweeney Todd" -- have formed one of the longest-running director-actor partnerships in modern Hollywood. When Burton committed to filming a new live-action/CG-animated version of "Alice," Depp was touted as the most likely candidate to play the Mad Hatter -- after all, having worked with Burton on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," he's practiced in wearing a top hat.
Mia Wasikowska, the young Australian actress who appeared in HBO's "In Treatment," has the film's title role.
Matt Lucas, who stars in the sketch comedy series "Little Britain USA," which debuts on HBO Sunday, is set to play the dual roles of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
"Ranger," meanwhile, puts Depp back in business with Bruckheimer, who produced the "Pirates" movies. Tonto is the Native American colleague of cowboy hero the Lone Ranger. The casting could stir up controversy with Native American groups, who might accuse the studio of putting a white actor in the role. One factor that could counter such an argument is Depp's mixed ancestry, which includes German, Irish, and Cherokee.
"Ranger" is being written by "Pirates" scribes Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio and has no director at this time.
-A Lone Ranger film could be excellent....what does everyone think about all this?

Quantum of Solace Image!

Bill Condon's Newest Production is Oscar!

The Envelope has the details:
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has chosen two award show newbies to produce the 81st annual Academy Awards.Producer Laurence Mark and writer-director Bill Condon, who worked together on the 2006 hit musical "Dreamgirls," were announced today as the producer and executive producer, respectively, for the Oscars, which will be telecast live on ABC on Feb. 22.In an interview, Mark said he thinks it may be a plus that neither he nor Condon have any award show experience, because they can offer a fresh approach."Literally, Bill and I have always had a fun time talking about the Academy Awards shows and would often talk about possibilities," he said. A few months ago, the two ran into academy President Sid Ganis and struck up a conversation about the program. "The next thing we knew, he said, 'Maybe you guys want to do this.' "Mark and Condon hope to liven up the telecast with surprises, though they aren't sure yet exactly what that means. The team would like to celebrate not only the excellence in movies but also the fun and enjoyment filmgoers have had in 2008."I am hoping there is a way to do that," Mark said, adding that these ideas could lure back the Oscars' eroding audience.One of the most difficult challenges Mark and Condon face is finding the perfect host. This year's emcee was Jon Stewart, who earned an Emmy nomination for his work. Mark didn't give any hints about whom they have in mind."The host has to promise some fun and some elegance," he said. "There is a short list we will sort of labor over."
-Can Bill knock this out of the park?

New W. Trailer!

I'm beginning to think this movie might turn out to be better than the trainwreck most are expecting....
-I'm warming up to the flick, how bout you guys?

Gomorrah Trailer!

Looks good...

September 24, 2008

Ricky Gervais, 2009 Oscar Host?

There's chatter floating around the internet that Ricky Gervais might be this year's Oscar host. I'm not sure about you, but if this is true, it's great news! I've been a fan of Gervais' since the Office, and he is exceptionally brilliant in Extras. I'm not sure if American audiences will appreciate his humor, but he is truly a comedic genius.

Check out Ricky Gervais with Patrick Stewart on Extras (classic stuff):

September 23, 2008

An Offer on DVD This Week That You Can't Refuse!

Hi all, and shockingly enough my PICK OF THE WEEK is related to The Godfather, as if the title of this article wasn't a dead giveaway. It's:
The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration
Simply put, if you love movies and don't own this trilogy on DVD, it's time to correct that. Enough said.
-Also out this week worth a positive mention is the George Clooney directed football film Leatherheads, which is unambitious but a lot of fun, the Simon Pegg running comedy Run Fatboy Run, which was seemingly thrashed by everyone except me...sue me, I dug it....give it a chance and you might too, as well as The Foot Fist Way, which launched Danny McBride, and Sex and the City, which I had no interest in but works well for fans of the show.
-We also have Pathology out on DVD, which tried to put a new spin on the serial killer but didn't succeed much with it, and Deception, which has a fitting title considering they had to somehow trick Hugh Jackman to be in this.
-My vintage pick this week is a downer of a film, but a powerhouse nonetheless. It's In The Bedroom, and it contains some of the best acting you'll see in a film. If it doesn't completely depress you, you'll love it.
-What are you guys watching this week?

September 22, 2008

What's 007's Name Again?

Apparently some of the Bond catchphrases will be missing from the latest film, according to this story out of The Independent:
His name is Bond, James Bond: just don't expect him to introduce himself. For the first time in his 22 screen outings, Britain's best- known secret agent will not utter the words of introduction that have thrilled fans and appalled master criminals for 46 years.
Nor in his next adventure, Quantum of Solace, released in November, does 007 utter the other classic one-liner – "shaken not stirred" – when ordering his martini, according to the director, Marc Forster.
"There was a 'Bond, James Bond' in the script," he said. "There are several places where we shot it as well, but it never worked as we hoped. I just felt we should cut it out, and Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson [the film's producers] agreed, and Daniel [Craig, who plays Bond] agreed, too. It's nice to be open-minded about the Bond formula. You can always go back to them later on."
It is another radical departure for Bond who, in his last film, Casino Royale, found himself stripped of many on-screen staples.
Gone were the unfeasible gadgets on which he could always rely in a tight spot. The boffin who created them in the basement of the MI6 building, Q, played in the past by Desmond Llewellyn and John Cleese, was also therefore eliminated, along with Miss Moneypenny and her flirtatious banter. Bond even briefly abandoned his high-performance motor to drive a Ford Mondeo before reverting to an Aston Martin.
It is all part of a deliberate attempt to bring the agent with a licence to kill into the 21st century – the producers declined the film rights to Sebastian Faulks's Bond homage, Devil May Care, last month because it was set in the 1960s – yet also to take him back to his 1950s roots.
The move is welcomed by fans who have seen the films veer away from how Bond's creator, Ian Fleming, originally envisaged his cold-blooded hero.
Graham Rye, who edits the online 007 Magazine said that Craig, who made his debut in last year's Casino Royale, is much closer to Fleming's vision.
"The Bond films had become tired and needed reinvigorating," he said. "Rather than going away from Fleming I think the producers have gone back to him."
Mr Rye added that the famous ingredients of the film, such as Q and Moneypenny, had only featured once or twice in the books. Nor does he make a habit of ordering martinis or introducing himself.
"His announcing of himself had become a bit corny," he added. "Casino Royale gets back to the spirit of the books, rather than all the silliness."
Ajay Chowdhury, who edits the Bond fan club magazine Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, added that excising the famous lines was unlikely to upset Bond fans.
"The producers have been mixing and matching the famous Bond tropes – such as the theme song and the gun-barrel sequence," he said. "But this time there is a theme song by Jack White and Alicia Keys. If this line of script is not in there it's not going to undo the foundations of Bond. The fans didn't miss Moneypenny or Q. Bond is the only British character with worldwide resonance now, apart from Harry Potter. The producers are paying more attention to psychology and relationships, as well as adventure.
"Quantum of Solace picks up from Casino Royale, which was a really good thriller first and a good Bond movie second."
-What does everyone think about this?

Revolutionary Road Trailer!!!

Trailer is great. The song ("Wild is the Wind", Nina Simone cover) in the background is both haunting and beautiful. Really looking forward to this one. How about you?

September 21, 2008

Emmy Chat!

Hey all, if anyone has any thoughts on the Emmy Awards, feel free to post them here!

Dark Star Dilemma?

Pamela McClintock offers an interesting take on this year's potential contenders. She writes that:
The specialty film class of fall 2008 includes some disturbing and bleak storylines that will need careful marketing at time when moviegoers might want to escape the real-life reality of a failing U.S. economy.

Interesting, but I'm not sure if it's correct. She mentions that these films might need "careful marketing", but for what goal? If last year is any indicator, then marketing will not be enough to encourage people to go see these films. Moreover, even with a poor economy, it takes more than careful marketing to see the type of films she speaks of. I just don't think there is much of a connection between "escaping" reality and going to see bleak films. If you really want to escape harsh reality, then why bother to check out bleak films even if the marketing is "careful". It seems that once you've reached the point of escaping reality, nothing will encourage you to see a slightly depressing film.

September 20, 2008

Stephen Chow and Seth Rogen Unite!

Not only is Rogen gaining Chow as his Kato in the upcoming "Green Hornet", but he gets him as a director as well! Variety tells the tale:
-"Kung Fu Hustle" director-star Stephen Chow has signed on to helm and co-star in Columbia Pictures' "The Green Hornet."
Seth Rogen has already boarded the project as the masked crime fighter. Chow, one of the biggest draws in Asian cinema who has enjoyed crossover success with such films as "CJ7" and "Shaolin Soccer," will portray the Green Hornet's similarly masked manservant Kato.
In tapping Chow for the project, studio continues a long association with the star and director. Under its local language initiative, Sony co-produced and released "Kung Fu Hustle," which grossed more than $100 million worldwide. Sony also released "CJ7."
"Green Hornet" will bow June 25, 2010.
Originally created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker as a 1930s radio show, the Green Hornet has appeared in film serials in the 1940s, a network TV program in the '60s and multiple comicbook incarnations.
Chow said he has been a huge fan of the TV show since he was a kid. "The idea of stepping into Bruce Lee's shoes as Kato is both humbling and thrilling, and to get the chance to direct the project as my American movie debut is simply a dream come true," the Hong Kong native said. "I'm grateful to my friends at Sony, who have shown so much faith in me for so many years."
Rogen and Evan Goldberg penned the screenplay. Neal H. Moritz is the producing through his Sony-based Original Film shingle.
-Exciting news!

Sex Drive Trailer

This year's Superbad? You be the judge....

September 19, 2008

A movie about Internet Porn?

Apparently Luke Wilson has signed on to play in 'Middle Men', which chronicles the birth of the internet porn industry. Not sure what to think about this one. Might be interesting?


Our friends over at have a great post on the Italian film Gomorrah. I figured I would embed the trailer for your viewing pleasure. Also, I still would like to see Il Divo, but it looks like Italy will have a few good options to choose from for their Best Foreign Picture selection.

September 18, 2008

Leaving The White House, But Coming To Theaters Near You!

Of course, anywhere beats them in the White House, but the actors portraying the real people seem to have caught the image of the real staff. What do you guys think?

Revolutionary Road Poster

Synecdoche, New York Trailer!

-strange, to say the least...but I kinda dig it....what do you think?

Frost/Nixon Poster

September 17, 2008

Oscars moving to March?

Perhaps, according to this piece in Variety:
-At least a few viewers tuning into the 81st Annual Academy Awards may find static instead.
The Oscars are set to be broadcast from the Kodak Theater on Sunday, Feb. 22 — just five days after the country’s much-ballyhooed transition to digital TV takes place.
With the ceremony coming so soon after broadcasters switch off their analog signals, it’s possible that at least some viewers — who perhaps only tune in for big events like the Oscars — will discover they can’t watch the show. Others may miss the Oscars through sheer procrastination and inertia, after failing to replace their set, order cable or hook up a converter box in time.
That’s why, insiders confirm, the Alphabet web had been hoping to move the Academy Awards back into March, even though the awards season has been moving earlier and earlier in recent years. Next year’s Golden Globes, for example, are set to air Jan. 11 — the show’s earliest date yet.
A one-time push of the Oscarcast into March would help ABC avoid any transition-related hiccup — and at the same time keep the kudos inside a sweeps month. Nielsen
Media Research has already moved next February’s sweeps period to March in order to give stations time to iron out any digital transition problems.
Despite those concerns from ABC and others, the show is staying put — even though longtime Oscar producer
Gil Cates isn’t. Cates confirmed that, due to his commitments at UCLA and the Geffen Playhouse, he won’t be back to oversee the 81st edition. Another producer is expected to be named shortly.
Cates has produced 14 Oscar ceremonies — more than any other individual. He’s up for an Emmy in the new "special class program — awards programs" category Sunday for the 80th Annual Academy Awards.
Even without Cates, the Acad is expecting better ratings for next year’s ceremony, given the more commercial field of potential Oscar nominees (
"The Dark Knight," for starters).
With a field of little-seen films containing mostly grim themes, this past February’s Oscarcast logged its smallest audience on record — 32 million.
Concerns about declining auds would seemingly bolster arguments that the Oscars should be moved further away from the digital transition.
The Oscars were a March mainstay until 2004, when the Acad and ABC agreed to move the show to February. For the Academy, it was a chance to avoid kudo fatigue by shifting the ceremony closer to what’s generally considered awards season. For ABC, it was a chance to move the highly rated special into February sweeps.
The Academy did make an exception, however, in 2006, when the ceremony moved back to early March to avoid the Winter Olympics.
A spokesman for the Consumer Electronics Assn. said he didn’t think the Oscars would be dramatically impacted by the digital TV switchover.
"The broadcast of the Oscars will take place in an environment where broadcasters will have taken incredible steps and great pains to make sure that everybody gets the message," said Jason Oxman, senior VP of industry affairs at the CEA. "At this point, 86% of Americans know about the transition. There will be some people who wait and delay in taking any action, but our goal is to make sure the information is out there."
According to Oxman, 11 million of the nation’s 114.5 million TV households watch analog TV via antenna.
February’s other major kudofest, the Grammy Awards, will take place Feb. 8 — before the digital transition.
-Where do you guys stand on this?

Defiance at the AFI Fest

Our first real look at this movie will be then, so says this press release, which among other things, says:
-This will mark Zwick’s second appearance at AFI FEST, having previewed scenes and discussed his work on BLOOD DIAMOND, prior to the film’s opening in 2006.
“As part of the AFI family, I am deeply honored they have chosen DEFIANCE, a ten year labor of love, as their closing night film,” stated Zwick. “As a student at the AFI, I was encouraged to tell stories with meaning and purpose and I have tried to hold onto that belief in my career.”
“AFI FEST is honored to host the World Premiere of DEFIANCE at AFI FEST. The event symbolizes the very heart of the American Film Institute – to train the next generation of filmmakers and then have them come home to premiere a film of the highest artistic ideals,” said Bob Gazzale, AFI’s President and CEO.
-Anticipating Defiance?

September 16, 2008

Snow Comes Early With This Week's DVD Picks!

It may still be on the warm side outside, but when it comes my PICK OF THE WEEK, the only heat is coming from the top notch performances in the movie. The flick/pick is:
Snow Angels
This film by David Gordon Green is a downer, but the performances are across the board fantastic. Sam Rockwell, Kate Beckinsale, and Olivia Thirlby particularly stand out in this drama that hits all the right notes.
-Also out this week well worth a look or a purchase is the very pleasing senior citizen musical documentary Young@Heart, the Tim Robbins anti sound pollution film Noise, the Matthew Broderick Vegas-set dramedy Finding Amanda, the visual porn that is Speed Racer, and the straight to DVD film Tortured, which is better than you'd expect, especially the lead performance by Cole Hauser.
-The films out this week that aren't quite on the level we'd hope are the Mike Myers misfire The Love Guru, the Al Pacino whodonit 88 Minutes, and the rom com known as Made of Honor. None are absolute pieces of trash, but all are definitely missing quality.
-My vintage pick is actually getting a new release this week, so it makes for an easy selection. It's Risky Business and as a big Tom Cruise fan, I love him in this. Anyone who's never seen this has a new chance this week.
-What are you guys watching?

The Wrestler Coming Soon!

Apparently Aronofsky's film is opening on December 19th....can't wait!

September 14, 2008

The Soloist Poster

Slumdog wins the "Million" at Toronto!

Here's the story:
"Slumdog Millionaire," a tribute to Mumbai and a story about a dream, won the top award at the Toronto Film Festival on Saturday, ending a low-key event where many studios kept their best movies away.
The winning film, directed by Britain's Danny Boyle, opens in U.S. theaters on November 28. It tells of a teenager from the Indian slums who wins a chance of becoming a millionaire in a television game show.
The film received an enthusiastic reception from the Toronto audience, and actress Freida Pinto accepted the Cadillac People's Choice Award on Boyle's behalf.
"There are a lot of firsts for me in this," she said. "It's my first premiere, my first time dealing with the press, and now it's my first award.
"'Slumdog Millionaire' is a film about an underdog who believes in something."
The Toronto festival, where the top award is chosen by the public rather than by industry experts or other insiders, opened on September 4 with "Passchendaele," a romance set partly in the mud-filled trenches of World War One.
It closes on Saturday with a gala performance of "Stone of Destiny," the story of Scottish nationalists who seek to reclaim the Stone of Scone from London's Westminster Abbey.
But critics were underwhelmed with many of the movies on offer, and Hollywood was clearly holding some of its top Oscar contenders back for later in the year.
"It was a difficult year," film festival chief executive Piers Handling told the final reception. "People felt that some of the films they took up last fall did not perform that well, so there was a sense of slight gloom and depression."
Other winners at the end of the festival included "Hunger," about IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands, and "Disgrace," a father-daughter story based on the bleak Booker prize-winning novel from South African writer J.M. Coetzee.
The top prize at last year's festival was won by Russian mob movie "Eastern Promises," which went on to win a best actor Oscar nomination for Viggo Mortensen.

September 13, 2008

The International Trailer!

A Snippet on Revolutionary Road

In case you missed this little piece on Revolutionary Road. What an active week it has been? I'm definitely looking forward to this year's Oscar Race.

September 11, 2008

Changeling Trailer

-are we looking at more Oscar love for Clint?

Liberace backing up Che?

Apparently so, as Variety tells it:
-Steven Soderbergh is in the early stages of developing a biopic about Liberace for Warner Bros., which he will direct.
The filmmaker said he has drafted his "Traffic" star Michael Douglas to play the flamboyant pianist.
Richard LaGravanese is writing the script, and Jerry Weintraub will produce.
Soderbergh is in discussions with Matt Damon to play Scott Thorson, who sued Liberace in 1982 for $113 million in palimony, claiming he was the entertainer’s companion for five years. Even though Liberace never wavered from career-long denials that he was gay, Thorson reportedly settled for $95,000 in 1986.
Liberace died in 1987 of complications from AIDS at age 67.
According to sources, Soderbergh won’t make the Liberace film his next project, or even the one after that.
Soderbergh will next direct "The Girlfriend Experience," about a call girl, for 2929 Entertainment partners Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner and their HDNet label.
That is the second of the six-picture deal Soderbergh made to direct low-budget films that are distributed simultaneously in theatrical, on cable and DVD. The first was "Bubble."
Aside from starring in the Soderbergh-directed and Weintraub-produced "Ocean’s Eleven" film series, Damon just starred for Soderbergh in "The Informant."
-Soderbergh varies it up, that's for sure...

September 10, 2008

The Soloist Trailer

-Looks like Downey is a lead for this....wonder what that does for his Oscar chances between this, Iron Man, and Tropic Thunder.....any thoughts?

The First "Good" Iraq Flick Coming To Us Soon?

Despite my adoration for Stop-Loss, pretty much every movie dealing with Iraq has failed so far, but the tide seems set to turn with "The Hurt Locker", Kathryn Bigelow's new film which has gotten raves from Toronto so far. It got picked up for release and Variety has the story:
-In a skittish climate for pic sales, financier Nicolas Chartier of Voltage Pictures reports that U.S. rights to his Kathryn Bigelow-helmed explosive action suspenser, “The Hurt Locker,” sold to Summit Entertainment in the wee hours of Wednesday.
Voltage presold the fall fest (Venice, Toronto) fave to most major territories, including Germany's Telemunchen, Japan's Movie Eye, France's SND, Italy's Videa, Eastern Europe's Eeap, Canada's Equinox, Benelux's Belga and Scandinavia's Nordisk.
Chartier revealed he sunk $1.5 million of his own coin into the Iraq-set bomb-diffusing actioner, starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty. He said he's "glad it's sold. Now I need to find the next one to take risks on. I need a great director-driven movie."
-This Festival has turned out nicely overall, I think....

Che Will Hit Theaters After All!

IFC Films has picked it up, so fear not, we will be seeing this film after all!

Allen Ginsberg Gets The Biopic Treatment!

Seems like the Beat poet will be coming to the big screen, news which excites me greatly. The Hollywood Reporter has this to say:
-David Strathairn, Alan Alda, Jeff Daniels, Mary-Louise Parker and Paul Rudd are attached to join James Franco as Allen Ginsberg in the beatnik biopic "Howl."Telling Pictures documentarians Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman will make their narrative writing, producing and directing debut with the 1950s-era tale, focusing on the obscenity trial launched to censor Ginsberg's groundbreaking book-length poem. The pair were approached by the Allen Ginsberg Trust to make a film commemorating the 50th anniversary of "Howl."Among the real-life characters featured in the film are prosecuting attorney Ralph McIntosh (Strathairn), Judge Clayton Horn (Alda), prosecution witness Professor David Kirk (Daniels), radio personality and prosecution witness Gail Potter (Parker) and literary critic and defense witness Luther Nichols (Rudd). Gus Van Sant is executive producing the project. WMA and Cinetic Media are onboard to assemble financing and handle sales. "Fifty years later, Ginsberg's vision is as relevant as the year he wrote it," Friedman said. "It resonates with issues of free speech, government censorship, militaristic empire building, fear-mongering, sexual conformity and the co-opting of religion."Graphic novelist and Ginsberg collaborator Eric Drooker will create an animated reimagining of "Howl" (in segments Epstein describes as "a Beat Fantasia") and Carter Burwell will write the original score.Epstein and Friedman produced and directed "Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt," and Epstein directed "The Times of Harvey Milk," both Oscar-winning docus. Van Sant's Milk biopic features Franco and bows in November.Franco is repped by Endeavor and James/Levy Management. Strathairn, Alda and Daniels are repped by ICM. Parker is repped by WMA. Rudd is repped by UTA and Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Epstein and Friedman are repped by Sloss Eckhouse Brennan Law.
-Can't wait!

Quantum of Solace Trailer!

Fox Searchlight wrestles with "The Wrestler"

It looks like Fox Searchlight picked up "The Wrestler". This movie is getting a ton of buzz, and now with a distributor, it looks to be a competitor (especially in acting) come awards season.

September 9, 2008

Promo Poster for The Wrestler!

I dig it quite a bit...sorry for the delay in posting this

Fall For This Week's Few Good DVD Releases!

A poor week once again, but it is September after all, and we're a few weeks away from a very nice week of DVD releases, but for this week, my PICK OF THE WEEK is a visual stimulant and is:
The Fall
The Director of The Cell creates another visual masterpiece, but this one has slightly more substance, and ranks highly this week because of it.
-Also out is Baby Mamma, which is not as funny as it should be, and The Forbidden Kingdom, which is not as much fun as it should be. Both flicks are ok, but are just that.
-Of some note this week are the Blu-Ray release of Cool Hand Luke, which if you don't have, is worth the purchase, and a re-release of The Big Lebowski, which is not a movie I love, but has a large following out there in movie-land.
-My vintage pick this week is a movie that I think holds up insanely well now that it's a few years old. It's Garden State, and Zach Braff's directorial debut still holds a special place in my heart and for those who have never seen it....well, you're in for a quirky treat.
-What will you guys be watching?

September 7, 2008

Finding The Perfect Movie For You!

Thanks To In Contention and New York Magazine for this!

Click if you need it to look bigger btw...

Fast and Furious Trailer

The 4th entry into the series...

anybody interested in this?

Zack and Miri Make a Porno Poster!

This actually is only the poster showing at Toronto, as it hasn't been approved for the US of A, but still very clever...

September 6, 2008

The Wrestler Wins The Golden Lion in Venice!

Reuters says: "U.S. movie "The Wrestler" won the Golden Lion for best picture at the Venice film festival on Saturday, winding up the 11-day competition on the Lido waterfront.
The Silver Lion for best director was won by Russia's Alexei German Jr. for "Paper Soldier". The best actor award went to Italy's Silvio Orlando for his role in "Il Papa di Giovanna" ("Giovanna's Father"), and the best actress prize was awarded to Dominique Blanc in "L'Autre" ("The Other One")."

September 4, 2008

The Wrestler Might Body Slam Oscar After All!

Seems the first reviews are giving Mickey Rourke a real shot at a nomination. Variety has it's review up and says things like "Rourke creates a galvanizing, humorous, deeply moving portrait that instantly takes its place among the great, iconic screen performances."
-Wow...this could be something special.


The character banners for Appaloosa are pretty sick. I feel like this movie is going to turn some heads. Lofty expectations?

September 2, 2008

Red Band Trailer for Zack and Miri Make a Porno!

The latest from Kevin Smith looks like a winner to me, and this trailer is equal parts filthy and hilarious, and we should expect nothing less.

-October 31st can't come soon enough for me....what about you guys?

"Promoting" This Week's DVD Releases!

On this, the first week back to school for me and a host of other college undergrads, my PICK OF THE WEEK is a dramedy about the horrors of competing for that elusive promotion in the ranks of the job market. It is:
The Promotion
This is a very low key film, but it's a very good one. The characters come off as authentic, and it's the rare competition film that has no bad guys. Both men are good and either one would deserve the job. It all adds up to something well worth watching.
-Also out this week is Married Life, which has a host of good performances but seems like something less than what it should be, the comedy Outsourced, which has a good concept but doesn't fully execute on it, Then She Found Me, which was Helen Hunt's debut as a filmmaker and is uneven and frustrating, though not a complete failure, and Reprise, the drama from Norway, which is interesting and decent, but the second best movie out this week solely by proxy.
-My vintage pick this week is Punch-Drunk Love. The ultimate Adam Sandler comedy (even though it turns the Adam Sandler comedy on its head), this film is compulsively watchable and will never lose its genius.
-What will you guys be watching?

September 1, 2008

Any Oscar potential for Slumdog Millionaire?

...Not sure. But there is certainly a lot of praise of the film coming out of Telluride.

TDK Hits Half a Billion!

Box Office Mojo currently has it $502,421,000....congrats!