March 18, 2008


British film director and writer Anthony Minghella has died aged 54.

Minghella's films included The English Patient - which earned him an Oscar for best director in 1997 - as well as Truly, Madly, Deeply and Cold Mountain.

He had an operation for a growth in his neck last week and the operation seemed to have gone well. But he had a fatal haemorrhage at 0500 GMT on Tuesday.

Jude Law, who worked with Minghella on three films, said he was "deeply shocked and saddened" at the news.

The actor described him as "a brilliantly talented writer and director" and "a sweet, warm, bright and funny man"....

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  1. Suzanne Pleshette, Brad Renfro, Heath Ledger, Roy Schreider and now Anthony Minghella... These three inicial months are very depressed in the film industry.