March 4, 2008

The Year of.......

Joey here...just wondering about what actor/actress/filmmaker is going to have their big year or their big comeback year during the 08 season

Could it be Tom Cruise gaining some industry respect again by trying to whack Hitler?

Could it be Robert Downey Jr. finally becoming a monster star for Iron Man?

Could it be something i've yet to mention?

Post here and lemme know who'se year 2008 is going to be!


  1. Philip Seymour Hoffman is lined up for three more films this year, including Speilberg's adaptation of Chicago Trial 7

  2. But we can hardly say Philip Seymour Hoffman is making a comeback. He's already in his prime. I think Sam Mendes is due for a hit with Revolutionary Road, after basically falling flat since American Beauty.

    Keep your eyes on my "One Category at a Time" columns over at The Oscar Nazi.

  3. I'm hoping that this year will be Leonardo DiCaprio and/or Kate Winslet's year. They've been nominated several times already. It's about time they got the little gold guy.

  4. Very good point Alison, I'd like to see at least one of them finally get their due.

    I think if anyone really needs a comeback, at least in terms of respect, it's Tom Cruise.

    Though he's certainly turned in his share of strong performances and decent films since the '90s, Ralph Fiennes hasn't really been high on the Oscar radar since The English Patient. With two potential hits this year, I hope to see him back at the ceremony.

  5. I'd love to see Ledger get a posthumous win. I suppose after Lord of the Rings that it isn't impossible for a main stream action/fantasy flick to get respect, but it would be nice to see the effort he put into the Joker rewarded (ala Jack Sparrow). This is, of course, assuming that his performance is as good as it has been hyped.

  6. Ledger is an interesting idea, but i'm not completely sold on them rewarding that role...and yes Alison, i really think it could be Kate's year especially

  7. I wasn't saying Hoffman was making a comeback, I was just saying that I was looking for him to have another big year as addressed in the first part of the question. I would love to see Winslet finally get her due, 5 nominations by the time she was 31, maybe she's old enough now to win.

  8. Go Kate Winslet!

    *please let her win her little bald golden guy*

    Revolutionary Road, The Reader...there has to be some Oscar bait for her in those films.

    Philip Seymour Hoffman is consistently good; I expect nothing less than a fabulous year from him.

    I hope Amy Adams has a good year, what with Pettigrew, Sunshine Cleaning and Doubt. However, one has to wonder if she will get awards attention for those films, I am not sure.

    I am not sure about Heath Ledger either. I hope he is good in The Dark Knight, I am sure he is, but he has to be amazing to stay in the minds of voters all year long.