June 8, 2010

Will Tom Cruise be giving his character from 'Tropic Thunder' his own movie?

Well, according to Cinematical, it's a possibility:

Tom Cruise as Les Grossman was easily the best part of Tropic Thunder. And that’s saying a lot. Tom Cruise as Les Grossman was easily the best part of last night’s MTV Movie Awards. Which isn’t saying much.

So, is the world ready for even more Les Grossman? Tom Cruise may be working on bringing everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed studio honcho back to the big screen in his very own movie. Fresh off the high from his performance with Jennifer Lopez at the MTV Movie Awards, Cruise told E! “We’re working on it. Yup, we’re working on it.”

Whether he was being completely serious or not has yet to be determined, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear any more news in regards to the project.

-I'm not convinced it'd be a good movie, but I'd love to see it for the lunacy that would no doubt occur...thoughts?


  1. I agree, especially considering that he's the type of character who really couldn't sustain an entire film.

  2. It all depends, as a sort of slapstick and profane version of The Player, I could almost see it working, but it all depends on the concept they come up with...