February 25, 2008

No Country for Complaints?

Hardly, these are the Oscars...

Personally, I'm very satisfied with this year's results:

Best Picture, Director, A. Screenplay & Supporting Actor
No Country for Old Men won as many Oscars as we predicted it would, and they were all pretty deserving.

Best Actor
Daniel Day-Lewis is a class act and there is no doubt he can still win a third Academy Award in the near future. Don't you agree?

Best Actress
As many of you know, I chose Marion Cotillard as my favorite performance of 2007 but I was sure AMPAS would deny her the Oscar due the foreign language barrier. I'm glad the voters got it right this year and chose the best among the very competitive lineup. Now, what's next for the likeable Cotillard?

Best Supporting Actress
We were among the few buzzers not jumping on the Blanchett bandwagon and thankfully, the risk paid off. Tilda Swinton deserved to win.

Best Original Screenplay
Diablo Cody swept this awards season and it's always nice to see a woman getting recognition in a big category.

Technical Categories
Michael Bay and Transformers got a huge bitchslap from the Academy tonight, was it really deserving? I think Transformers, even if a bad film, was technically superior to any other this year...

Overall, I was pleased but you know; your opinion is the one that really matters...

What did you think of this year's Oscars?


  1. The Best Oscar I have ever seen...

    This year's Oscars is not full of crap...finally (except for those product placements)!

    Marion Cotillard and Tilda Swinton really deserved to win. I hope this years Oscars will set a trend and prevent all the mistakes it did before.

  2. I am so happy for Her, Marion Cotillard deserves this award so much . If you were to look at my blog, It would be obvious that I am in love with her performance as Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose! What a great night.

  3. Marion winning is itself the highlight of a decent Oscar night, also happy for Tilda and Javier.

  4. Marion winning proves that the Oscars are actually worth a lot!!!

    This was one of the BEST PERFORMANCES in FILM HISTORY... and I´m soooo sorry Julie Christie lovers... but there was no way in hell that Julie could beat Marion. I´m so glad that there´s justice in this world.

    And like I said before...

    I never saw Julie Christie winning this... I even compared her to Sissy Spacek em 2002 and said the same thing would happen... this was so good. SO GREAT!

    And congrats, Tilda Swinton.

  5. Bravo Marion Cotillard!!! She deserves the Oscar of this year. I like julie Christie's performance but I love Marion Cotillard's Edith Piaf!!! there's justice in the oscar after all!.

  6. Marion Cotillard is beautiful. I was hoping she won just to see her in that dress again. damn she is gorgeous.

    yeah im happy for swinton too. but the biggest winners were the coens and no country. what a fantastic film. it deserves all of the praise that it has gotten. definitely my favorite of 07.

  7. Marion deserved it so much!

    Her movie wasn't as good as i expected, but i could'nt take my eyes off her!! She lost herself in the character, so amazing!

  8. Did you see Cate´s face?
    She was great. Marion and Cate are very good Friends!
    Cate deserved the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress

  9. I think I'm the only one on Earth but I liked Page and Christie's performances much better than Cotillard. The only other place where I was upset was that Deakins split his vote, he should have won for either of his films but he couldn't pull them out. Oh, and The Golden Compass winning Visual Effects? really?

  10. No. I agree with you aaron white. Christie and Page were better in their respective films in my opinion as well.
    Enough about Cotillard - did everyone happen to miss the BEST moment of the night though...
    Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova not only singing beautifully and then WINNING for their song, "Falling Slowly". And to top it all off, Jon Stewart brought Irglova back out on stage to properly say her "thank you's". WONDERFUL!

  11. In my opinion, Cate deserves the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress but Tilda Swinton was my second favorite actress in that category. I'm happy for that decision (much Better that Ruby Dee). Don't worry about Cate. She's a great actress (In my perception, with Winslet, the best actress of her generation) and, if she takes the right decisions, I think she will win her second Oscar in a Leading Category very soon, and I've hope to her.

  12. I loved that Stwert brought her back out for her speech

  13. Thrilled to see Swinton and Bardem win. Would have preferred to see Julie Christie win though. Congrats to Cotillard, but it would have been nice to see her congratulate her fellow nominees. But she was so in the moment, congrats to her. I don't think she will be a one-hit wonder. But I must commend all the leading actress nominees. They all looked genuinely happy for Cotillard. Nice to see the end of the trend in failing to recognize foreign language artists. She joins the ranks of Sophia Loren and Roberto Benigni. Let's see if she has the staying power of Julie Christie, who I think we will see again as a nominee. Beauty and talent along with maturity...ahh -- Julie, we still love you!! Let's not wait another 10 years..

  14. I agree w/ you Aaron. All of the actresses were good but I do think that Christie was better. Kudos for Jon Stewart bringin back the young lady to finish her speech. Its actually a great song as well.

    Question for the blog: Did anyone notice that Stewart was not really that funny? Also, didn't the show seem to go quickly this year?

    Bring back Ellen, or even Billy or Whoppi...

  15. Stewart was boring

  16. Great Oscars, Jon Stewarts the man. So happy No Country got everything it deserved, even though I was kinda hoping it would get a tech win somewhere. Pretty disappointed Deakins was victim of vote splitting, because his two works were the best of the year (but they had to give There Will Be Blood credit somewhere). Also, I know I'm sort of a minority, but I didn't think Swinton should've gotten best supp. actress. She just wasn't that great, even though I loved the film. She was solid...anyways, COHENS WON! I'm still so pumped...best film-makers ever.

  17. Marion Cotillard delivered the best performance of the year by far. Sure Christie and Page were great, but that´s what they were... 'great'. Cotillard is simply in another league... she was magical.
    All Christie can do now is cheer for Marion!!!

  18. Happy with everything except TILDA SWINTON. I didn't really feel she fit the role powerfully. Amy Ryan and Cate Blanchett were the out of the house performances. Unbelievable they didn't win. Big upset. Marion Cotillard really deserved the award. Congrats to her.

  19. I wanted to add my disaapointment/ disbelief over Julie Christie not winning the oscar. Her performance is a master class in film acting and should be required viewing by every aspiring actor. 50 years ago, a young pretty actress put on heavy, ugly make-up and gave a very mannered,very "dramatic" performance as a Chinese peasant. That same year an older beautiful actress gave a sublime, subtle performance that was hailed as the best of her legendary career. Both were nominated but the younger actress won the oscar for her "daring transformation". 50 years later who can stand to watch the winner, Luis Rainer in "The Good Earth"? And who can ever forget the loser, Greta Garbo in "Camille"? I suspect years from now people will feel the same about Cotillard and the incomparable Christie.

  20. I believe in a few years from now, "People Magazine" will place Cotillard as one of the best performances in Film History - that´s what I believe.

    If Cotillard´s performance was about 'make-up', than only the make-up would have won an academy award. How come nobody says that about Charlize Theron, or Nicole Kidman? Cotillard delivered at least the best performance of the decade, that´s what I think.

    Christie was good and moving.. but she has done just as good before (or even better 'Afterglow'). She should be really happy being nominated alongside Cotillard.

    And by the way... I thought Luise Rainer was quite good in 'The Good Earth'. The example you used should have been Judy Holliday beating Gloria Swanson and Bette Davis in 1950...

  21. "How come nobody says that about Charlize Theron, or Nicole Kidman?" They do all the time. It's why there are so many jokes about beautiful women acting ugly to win Oscars. I point you to the 2005 awards when John Stewert campaigned for Keira Knightley to win Best Actress for being a "Beautiful woman acting beautiful" No offense to Cotillard's performance, it was one of the top five all year, but it is a prime example of the Academys insesent ageism.

  22. definitely the best oscars ive seen :)
    so cool how the europeans swept the acting awards :D

  23. love Marion Cotillard winning, love Javier Bardem, but well also Tilda, because Ruby Dee nominated for that little role ¿¿?? and she won a Sag? OMG.
    ok, anyway....
    i just loved Juno, so i guess it was the real time that the indie film was having enough potential of winning the award, but what i saying now, it didnt has the editing nod, so.. and also No Country beated all the awards season, so basically. was the oscar night for the coens :S

    the only thing that i want for this next year, if like its been said Helen Hunt,Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank, and all this beautiful actresses had won the oscars for playing not so good looking characters, please i just beg the ACademy give the Oscar to Kate Winslet, i guess i will campaign the entire year, for her role in Revolutionary Road, i guess i will do that this is an actress who is really talented, beautiful and she has 5 Oscar NODS! so she really deserves it, period, i dont want to see another Peter O'Toole story OK!!