April 22, 2008

Charlie Wilson fights the Cloverfield Monster this week!

Hey hey hey...Joey here, and the DVD releases this week are an eclectic group to say the least. Something for everyone at the stores, and for people like me, it's going to be an exspensive bill when I hit Best Buy later today.

My PICK OF THE WEEK is a supremely entertaining film that was perhaps unfairly targeted as a big Oscar contender last year, but still is a very good movie:

Charlie Wilson's War

While the script that I read last summer was slightly better than the version that hit theaters (mainly the ending took a hit...in the script, it ends with a big punch in the gut), this movie is still very good and very funny, well worth picking up.

A close second this week (and one I strongly considered making my pick) is a certain movie about a certain monster that attacks a certain city:


It has its haters for sure, but I loved this roller coaster of a film and want to relive it again and again (and pause it for better looks at the monster and certain clues in the film). If nothing else, the filmmaking technique deserves a look, and I wholeheartedly endorse this film as well.

There are some other solid releases this week, with the family dramedy The Savages leading the pack there. This is a good week for Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and both works this week featuring him are worth looking at. The Orphanage is fairly creepy and a nice foreign flick, and Starting Out in the Evenening features a very strong lead performance by Frank Langella, and that alone makes it worht a view.

My "avoid at all costs pick" is perhaps one of the worst reviewed films of the past few years. It's One Missed Call, and if you know what's good for you, you'll miss this movie too (though I must confess that I like Ed Burns and feel sorry that he's in this, but still, a stinker is a stinker).

My non new release pick this week is a two for one special. Two 80's John Cusack comedies. They are Better off Dead and The Sure Thing. Both are (in my humble opinion) classics and beat most of what passes for a "teen movie" these days. Check them out!

Which flicks will you guys be picking up this week?


  1. how much longer do we have to wait for a new igloo site?

  2. eta for Summertime...till then, seems like everyone has to suffer with me for a bit