April 15, 2008

A Pregnant Week for DVD Releases

Joey here...and there's some nice selections this week on DVD.

Let's jump right in with my PICK OF THE WEEK, which if you haven't seen by now, you need to get on that immediately. The film I'm talking about if of course:


Ellen Page, Michael Cera, J.K. Simmons, literally everyone in this film is fantastic, and it was one of the most winning films of not just this year, but of the last number of years. Get it!

Speaking of winning, another film out this week falls into that category. That film is Lars and the Real Girl, and it features a terrific performance by Ryan Gosling and is a nice little gem for those who haven't seen the film yet.

Another great film out, but one on the other end of the happiness spectrum, is Before The Devil Knows You're Dead. Sidney Lumet may have 10 years on my grandfather, but he still knows how to make a hell of a film. Overlooked by the Academy, it should get a second life at home.

The last film of any quality out this week is Jeff Garlin's tiny comedy I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With. He and Sarah Silverman are very charsimatic and charming, and so is the film.

I usually don't mention the bad releases, but two films out this week are utter crap and get a new distinction from me, the mark of AVOID AT ALL COSTS! The two unlucky films here are In The Name of the King, and Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem. Both will bring you to tears, but not in the way that you'd want a film to.

My already out pick for you guys is last year's Adam Sandler drama Reign Over Me. He and Don Cheadle are very compelling and the story can bring a tear to your eye. If you've never seen it, give it a shot.

Which films this week will be worth your hard earned DVD dollars?


  1. Juno and Lars and the Real Girl were both brought into my collection with a hard look at Before the Devil Knows You're Dead...but next week is another pretty solid week

  2. all good flicks...but stuff like AvP just makes me sad...and i actually had a small bit of hope for it, since the first was rated PG-13 and this one was R, but alas...just as bad