April 11, 2008

What To See This Week?

Joey here with the theatrical releases for the week...real slim pickings, but no fear, next week brings along a ray of sunshine in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which has been getting tremendous reviews so far...could that be the next Knocked Up? We'll know next week...but, as for this week...

My Pick of the Week is based on the strength of the cast and on the lack of competition (Street Kings and Prom Night aren't going to set the world on fire for anyone) then anything else:

Smart People
Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page, Thomas Hayden Church, Sarah Jessica Parker...this seems like a decent indie comedy, and looks like it feautres a gaggle of good performances, so this one is worth a view

The only other releases of note this week are in very very limited release and are The Visitor, which looks to have a strong lead performance by Richard Jenkins (this years Starting Out in the Evening I suppose), and Young @ Heart, a documentary about a senior citizen pop cover band. Looks like a follow-up to Shine a Light (I kid), but could have a few giggles in it.

Rough week, I know...next week it gets a bit better, and before you know it, we'll have those big tentpole releases to complain about!

What (if anything) are you guys seeing this week?


  1. I've actually heard really good things about Young @Heart.

  2. indeed...reviews seem to say it's a slight but winning film

  3. Gosh I can't wait for Forgetting Sarah Marshall