June 27, 2009

The Honorary Oscars get seperated from the Main Show?

It appears, according to this press release from the Academy and President Sid Ganis that there will now be a seperate ceremony for these honorary awards:
The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has voted to establish a new annual event at which it will present its testimonial awards – the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and the Honorary Award. Honorees will be selected and announced in September and presented their awards at a celebratory dinner event in November. They will also be acknowledged at the year’s Academy Awards ceremony.
“For some years now, the Board has struggled to balance the desire to truly honor worthy individuals with the time limitations that the Oscar® telecast imposes on these honors,” said Academy President Sid Ganis. “By creating a separate event for recognizing these outstanding people in the movie industry, we’re insuring that each honoree will be given his or her full due, without compromise.”
The Academy’s Board will hold a special meeting in September for the sole purpose of selecting the year’s honorees. There will not be more than one Hersholt nor more than one Thalberg Award voted in any given year. No more than four testimonial awards will be given in a single year.
“We wanted to achieve more flexibility with these awards,” explained Ganis. “But we also need to maintain the integrity of them. By setting the limits that we have, the members of the Board feel they have achieved the appropriate balance.”
A black-tie dinner event for about 500 invitees will include film clips as well as remarks from the honorees’ colleagues and admirers.
Previously, these awards were voted at the Board’s December meeting.
-This will probably allow the show to run a little smoother, especially if they are planning to devote segments of the show to all 10 nominees....


  1. good, this part bored me

  2. anything for a leaner show

  3. I'm not upset, but I liked the honorary ones, so idk

  4. we'll see how the show plays now

  5. How about this:

    Get read of the ridiculous montages so we can pay honor to whom honor is due. It is ridiculous to punish those who have worked so hard their entire career just so we can see more unbearable musical productions and unnecessarily long monologues. The night is about honoring films and those who help make them great, and it's high time the Academy got their priorities in place.

  6. Good idea on the seperate ceremony for the honoree awards, however do they have to have them so far apart?

    Secondly, why do we need such huge intros/clips for the nominated films - everyone is well and truly aware of the nominations by the time the ceremony rolls around.