June 20, 2009

Teaser Trailer for the Short Film "Patterson"

It seems that my last short, Lack of Imagination, struck well with some of our readers, so here's the teaser for my current venture, Patterson:

-Filming is currently on hold while my lead actor is on vacation, but once he returns we'll continue filming
through mid-July, in time for a mid-August premiere, after which it'll be online for a brief spell.
What do you guys think so far?

P.S. I know a while ago Joey was pimping his Twitter account, so I figured I'd do the same. For updates on
my filmmaking, the site, and other things,you can follow me here at: http://twitter.com/MylesPerHour


  1. Mr. Brooks meets American Psycho

  2. Mr. Brooks meets American Psycho

  3. not bad not bad

  4. This looks like one of the best filmed and edited pre-professional films I have seen in a long time. Please post a link to the completed film on the blog as well.