June 18, 2009

"2012" Trailer Plays Like A Parody Of Disaster Movies

-I love how hilariously bad this looks. Danny Glover as the president? John Cusack as the skeptical yet caring 
father? Chiwetel Ejiofor and Oliver Platt bickering about various moral dilemmas from the safety of a boat that 
appears to crash at the end of the trailer? Buildings crashing while decidedly not obeying the laws of physics? 
This has everything. I really hope that Woody Harrelson plays some kind of crazy guy who foresees the signs 
and tries to warn everyone. Just to complete the cycle of cliche. I can't wait to see this so I can tear it a new 
asshole in the reviews. How bout you guys?

P.S. Oh wow, he totally does!


  1. looks terrible but the effects are phenomenal

  2. The Cider House Rules 2

  3. I just feel bad for John Cusack...

  4. He he he. I'm laughing at some of the comments (or with - not in a bad way). It didn't make me horny, but it was impressive. Am so going to see it on the big screen. But I am wondering how St Peter's Basilica rolls over instead of just collapsing? And I am concerned it just could be special effects overload. But as someone said . . . wow!

  5. The movie itself looks laughable but the effects were very good.