June 23, 2009

Today's news: The Zookeeper gets some animal voices, a new Grisham book is being adapted to film, Macbeth rises again, and Cher returns to screens...

*Just a quick heads up that this is how the majority of posts will go now, provided it goes over well*
-First off, Kevin James' upcoming film The Zookeeper got a high profile cast (mostly voices of animals), including Adam Sandler, Cher (returning to movies after a long time away), Jon -Favreau, Sylvester Stallone and Judd Apatow. For the whole cast and more, check out the article here.
-Author John Grisham has set up his novel "The Testament" to be yet another film adaptation of his work. Details are here.
-A modern take on Macbeth gets rolling. Read about it here.
-And finally Cher returns to the silver screen with a new project (besides voice work in The Zookeeper), details on which can be found here.
-Thoughts on the new format and/or any of the articles?


    May be Grisham's best book since The Firm and will make a great film.

  2. All Grisham books make decent films, so that's cool

  3. also, am I the only one that doesn't care about Cher returning? I have no problem with the new format FYI

  4. the new method is fine, and The Zookeeper will suck balls