October 17, 2008

Another Reminder That The Wait Is Almost Over!

Once again, to everyone who's been concerned about the lack of updates on the main site...fear not! In the coming days the site will be running at full strength again. A lot of issues needed taking care of, so with that out of the way now, keep your eyes open for updates to the Big Openings, Reviews, and Main Predictions part of the site, along with the Top 24 for Academy Idol and the continuation of Bait An Oscar, among other things. Our long slumber is coming to an end!


  1. i for one am excited to have the site returning, as i actually prefer the more everyman feel of the site to the more highbrow incontention or awardsdaily (though both are still sites i view daily)

  2. glad to hear of your excitement and compliment, but both of the other sites are of tremendously high quality, so no need to talk down about them...thanks though!