October 6, 2008

Oscar Revote?

EW launched Oscar Revote. This won't have much practical impact. Are they going to give Ang Lee and Brokeback Mountain their Oscar? It should spark some interesting debates. I personally think Goodfellas should have ousted Dancing with Wolves, Titantic was somewhat overrated, and the LOTRs franchise should have 3 best picture wins. That's just my take, but I'm sure things will turn out differently.

What do you think about the revote?


  1. hmmmm idk i think it will hurt a lot of winners feelings if they don't win this revote

  2. yeah right 3 oscars for the LOTR, those films don't deserve the best pic prize face it - but goodfellas was much better than Dances with wolves, and Rocky winning over Network and Taxi Driver???

  3. The Lord of the Rings deserved more recognition in the best Film category. Get rid of Chicago as best picture. And somebody take that Oscar off Gwyneth for Shakespeare In Love and give it to Cate for Elizabeth! Gwynnie is a very talent actress, but didn't deserve it for that film. And while we're at it, a nom for Maddy was deserved for Evita.

  4. Fellowship of the Ring > A Beautiful Mind
    The Pianist > Chicago > The Two Towers
    Return of the King...wins by default b/c '03 sucked for movies

  5. 2003 Best Actor - Daniel Day-Lewis.