October 24, 2008

How We See Best Picture Shaping Up As Of Today!

Our fearless leader Clay has updated the chart for Best Pic today ( http://www.awardscircuit.com/Images/bestpicture.html ), and the predicted 5 are, in order:
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
-Revolutionary Road
-Slumdog Millionaire


  1. Changeling have a chance?
    This true story is beautifully edited and stranger than fiction...
    Why people say that it does not feel real in the end, if is a Real life drama...


  2. it definitely has a chance, but it's real early right now

  3. Hmmmm, here's my take

    The Dark Knight
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Those three are the only locks I see.

    Other than that, the other two spots will probably be a wide open race between

    Revolutionary Road
    The Road (I still think they will try to release it in time)
    Slumdog Millionare
    The Wrestler
    Gran Torino

    Apparently, there was a test screening of The Road, and word has it they plan on releasing it in time, and that it is simply incredible, and that Viggo Mortensen should and will be nominated, if not win Best Actor.

  4. changeling is below 50 percent on the tomatometer, DONE. Gran Torino or whatever its called is Eastwoods only chance now.

  5. 51%, not below...

    And the reviews are mixed...people love it or hate it...

  6. Generally speaking, films that split people like that are not embraced well. Changeling isn't going anywhere. Angelina may have a chance of a nomination, but that's pretty much it.

  7. Why you guys still don't have The Dark Knight in your Top 5 I don't understand. Not only was it an incredible movie and deserves a nomination just for being a great movie, but the academy will need to nominate more mainstream movies for the big awards this year. Their ratings for the Awards Show has gone so far down the tubes as of late and nobody is buying advertisement space during the oscars. Ergo, the academy is not making any money at a time when they are not to well off financially in the firs place. Everybody knows that ratings for the awards show has been highest when Titanic and the Lord of The Rings movies were nominated for best picture. The academy needs to nominate The Dark Knight for their own well being.

  8. I've pretty much been saying everything the above poster just said all year long.

    Now, I don't think the academy will nominate The Dark Knight simply for the ratings factor, but also simply because it would appear that The Dark Knight is the only one of this year's contenders that wasn't adversely affected by the strike. I think the lukewarm reception of the contenders thus far can easily be attributed to the strike because as we all know, many studios rushed a ton of films into post production before the strike hit in order to get as many films in the can as possible.

    After watching Appaloosa, Body of Lies, W., Changeling, The Duchess, a preview screening of Synecdoche New York, and a festival screening of The Wrestler, I can tell you that The Wrestler is the only oscar worthy film in that list, and the others all had a pretty bland and rushed feeling to them. None of them felt like the filmmakers really took their time and made sure it was a great picture before completing it.

    However, The Dark Knight is so incredible in the meticulous attention to detail and practically every aspect is so phenomenal because Christopher Nolan really took his time and made sure he was making the best film possible. The sheer brilliance of the directing and writing is enough to merit a best picture and best director nomination, but the performances are on a level not seen in "comic book films".

    Ledger's performance is iconic beyond even what Nicholson ever achieved with the first Batman film, and there isn't a single bad performance to be had.

    Not only is Heath Ledger incredible, but Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Aaron Eckart in particular all give knockout performances.

    The technical aspects of the film are so incredible I don't even need to get into them. The score should be nominated simply for Hans Zimmer's Joker theme, but the entire thing is one sweeping epic score.

    The reason The Dark Knight can and will be nominated is not because it will undoubtedly cause the Oscars' broadcast ratings to skyrocket, but it would be acknowledging the incredible achievement in cinema that the film really is. It deserves every single bit of overwhelming praise it got and gets to this day.

    I suppose the only reason many pundits aren't solildly backing up the prospect of it getting nominated is because they want to be cautiously optimistic, as would anyone about a film involving Batman. The difference this time, however, is that while the film may be a Batman film, it's a truly great film, instead of just a really good summer action film.

    My only fear about being this sure about it getting nominated is that I will end up sorely disappointed like I was last year when Sweeney Todd was snubbed horribly. The difference this time, is that there's no excessive blood or Tim Burton prejudice to get in the way.

    The Dark Knight is a truly great film, and deserves to be recognized as such. I'll say it again, it should, can, and ultimately will be nominated, and can even be this year's Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. To not recognize it would cause a huge backlash. But I suppose that's what happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object. ;)

  9. Changeling have a chance?
    This true story is beautifully edited and stranger than fiction…
    Why people say that it does not feel real in the end, if is a Real life drama…
    If i had the control:

    Revolutionary road
    The curious case of Benjamin Button

    But my prediction:

    The curious case of Benjamin Button
    Revolutionary Road
    Slumdog millionaire

  10. I would be so utterly disgusted if The Dark Knight got nominated and Wall-E didn’t.

    And people think David Fincher is overdue, I’d say Pixar is overdue. Classic after classic after classic every year and no recognition.