June 5, 2009

Chris Pine joins up with Denzel for his first post Trek flick

Variety has the story:
In his first role since "Star Trek," Chris Pine is negotiating to star alongside Denzel Washington in "Unstoppable," the Tony Scott-directed drama for 20th Century Fox.
Pine took "Unstoppable" over several other offers after a dinner Tuesday night with Washington and Scott.
Production will begin in August for summer 2010 release.
Studio and Pine's reps are now working out a deal for him to play a young conductor who jumps into a locomotive with an experienced engineer (Washington) in chase of a runaway train that carries a cargo of toxic chemicals. Pic is loosely inspired by real events, and Mark Bomback wrote the script.
Julie Yorn is producing with Scott and Mimi Rogers, and Chris Ciaffa is executive producer. Drama reunites Scott and Washington, whose latest effort, "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3," opens June 12.
-Could be a good pairing, but you never know...thoughts?


  1. Tony Scott ruins it for me

  2. hahaha, i'm not much of a fan either, but he's pretty consistent at least...annoying as that may be

  3. his brother is better, but he's not terrible

  4. looks like Pine will be a star