March 24, 2009

007 Does DVD this week

Not exactly burying the lead, I know, but in a relatively weak DVD week, a certain secret agent flick is the clear choice for my PICK OF THE WEEK. It's:
Quantum of Solace
Though nowhere near the best James Bond film ever (I'd say it's in the top dozen or so), this still is a good action flick with another strong performance by Daniel Craig as 007. If Bond's latest adventure is mildly hampered by Marc Forster's uneven foray into the field of big budget directing, that just takes it down from being a very good movie to a good movie. If you like Bond or Bourne or anything of the sort, it's perfect for you.
-The other quality releases this week are Bolt, the animated Disney flick that turned out better than almost everyone expected, though it was nowhere on the level of WALL-E, the child abduction drama Gardens of the Night, which features an outstanding turn by Tom Arnold, if you can believe it, and the home video suppliment to Watchmen that gets the rest of the comic into the film called Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter. It also includes Under the Hood, the tell all book within the book about the masked heroes, so if you're a Watchmen fan, this is a must have.
-There's also Kristen Stewart's uneven melodrama The Cake Eaters, which is well...uneven, and Rob Schneider's directorial debut Big Stan, but the less said about that one, the better.
-My Vintage pick is a shameless tie in to Quantum of Solace. It's Casino Royale, and since the latest Bond film takes place mere minutes after the end of the last one, starting from the beginning (in a way) is a good idea.
-What will you be watching on DVD this week?


  1. Casino Royale and Quantum back to back, of course!

  2. Bolt surprised me as well

  3. marc forster, not david

  4. Ha Ha Ha. 'Who said David?'. I think anonymous has been spending a little too much time with his bong. Nowhere in the original post or any of the following comments is the word David written. Also, kudos on the use of the word 'indeedily'


  5. much obliged, and yea, I was a bit perplexed about that as well