March 26, 2009

New "Harry Potter 6" Poster Is Perplexingly Boring

-Remember the old Harry Potter posters, how they were all majestic and dignified? You had the seemingly hand-painted portraits of the ensemble and the castle, and it looked very exciting (this was before one actually saw the movie, but perhaps that's being too opinionated). Nowadays, he's content to just stand around in his casual clothes and stare intensely into the distance, Nicolas Cage-style. You're two movies away from finishing the series, put some effort into it.
What do you guys think?


  1. I may not speak for everyone, but for me it's a case of putting this film to the side in anticipation for the final (two-part) film. When the release date was pushed back, there seemed to be a sense of forgetting about this movie and thinking about the last entry. By the look of the bland poster, it seems the marketing department has that same attitude. I think we'll get more of an effort when we see posters for "Deathly Hallows" next.

  2. In the film's defense, this is not the way that the poster looks for the film's site. The background on this picure has been brightened, so it helps to make it look horrible. Also, this is only a single poster in a six poster series where each poster has a single character and reveals a detail from the plot of he film (or at least from the book). And just to add, the poster they made for Dumbledore is amazing. If you are looking forward to the movie I suggest that you check it out.