March 30, 2009

An image of Johnny Depp from The Rum Diaries

Not much, but it's a start...whether this will be on the level of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...time will tell that as well.


  1. It's not supposed to be on the same level as Fear and Loathing. The Rum Diaries is a completely different monster. Its Hunter S. back in the day, when he had just started as a journalist. It'll have a similar feel but dont expect the same level of madness.

  2. indeed, especially considering the difference in director this time around...though Bruce Robinson is certainly no slouch

  3. Now look, I love Johnny Depp, but he doesn't do much for me in the looks department, never really floated my boat if you get what I mean; but now in THIS picture I need a hug, a cigarette and a good sigh of satisfaction! ;-)