March 26, 2009

Tom Cruise officially has more potential projects to choose from than anyone in Hollywood...

This one is a reteam with Cameron Diaz on a flick directed by James Mangold, according to this in Variety:

James Mangold is attached to direct the untitled romantic comedy formerly known as "Wichita" and "Trouble Man" at 20th Century Fox. It's eyed as a potential pairing of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.
Scott Frank is working on a rewrite.
Mangold's Tree Line Films partner Cathy Konrad joins as producer with Joe Roth, Steve Pink and Todd Garner.
Story revolves around a woman who has terrible luck with men but finds her path intertwined with that of a mysterious handsome man she meets on a blind date.
The studio has been sweet on the two-hander for some time. Chris Tucker and Eva Mendes were attached last year along with director Tom Dey, but that incarnation fizzled. The script was originated by Patrick O'Neill, and prior drafts have been done by Frank and Dana Fox, who wrote the Diaz starrer "What Happens in Vegas" for Fox.
Mangold last directed "Walk the Line" and "3:10 to Yuma."
Neither Cruise nor Diaz is formally attached, but the project is one of several films at various studios that Cruise is considering for his next star vehicle. Diaz just became attached to "Swingles," a romantic comedy at Paramount.
Cruise and Diaz appeared together in 2001's "Vanilla Sky."
-Mangold always makes interesting films, so this should be no exception if it actually happens...thoughts?