June 4, 2009

Hopefully the final poster for Transformers 2

But then again, there's a few more weeks to go...so who knows...thoughts?


  1. enough posters...bring the movie on!

  2. I remain pessimistic, but not hopeless

  3. I'm sure I'll be entertained, just as I was with the first, even though some of the writing was a bit 'meh' (it's Friday I can't do big words now). With the risk of upseting anyone, and God knows I've done that enough this week, the poster looks childish to me though.

  4. Joey's Transformers hate is EPIC. :P

    And yes, this is a weak poster, looks more like a toy promo than a film poster, but meh.

    Needless to say, I am looking forward to the film, adn while the franchise has script flaws and plot holes, it makes the 5-year old in me so happy that I don't give a shit. No matter what, Transformers are like the coolest toys and one of the coolest shows (thoguh Beast Wars still holds a special place in my heart) ever. I go to this movie for the robots and the FX, and to see a bunch of giant fucking robots kicking the shit out of eachother and transforming. That's what I got in the first film, looks like I will get that in this one, so my inner 5 year old is happy.