August 25, 2008

Cruel Joke, eh?

I do believe in life after love, but I don't believe that Cher is in talks to play Catwoman. I am firmly convinced that this is a joke, but it's a cruel one that's not funny. Whoever decided to pull it, should be punished in the most severe way. Besides, I hope Nolan gives Halle Berry one more try. She was phenomenal in a great movie, and really had two things going for her in the film.


  1. I agree not funny, loads of people have said on imdb they could see marion cotillard as catwoman, and i like that idea a lot, there's even a fake poster with her as catwoman.

    There has to be some female villain in the next batman, and because of heath ledger's passing I think that pretty much rules out Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy couldn't work in Nolan's films unless her background was made realistic, which leaves Catwoman, also if they do riddler would loooove to see guy pearce as him

  2. Ugh, I wish this stupid internet speculation would just stop already. Why can't we all just relax and let TDK simmer for a while before we jump right into a third film? Cher will not be playing Catwoman, Nolan isn't that stupid. And WB and Legendary Pictures announced today that they will not be making any plans for a third film unless Nolan wants to do it.