August 8, 2008

The State of the Oscar Race...

I checked around a bunch of our reputable peer movie blogs, and came across a slew of projections here, here, here, and here.

What I noticed is that we are the only site (of the 4) giving the Dark Knight (top 5) best picture love. Everyone is sold on the Curious Case so far, but the Road isn't as high as I would like it to be. Happy Go Lucky and Synecdoche seem like they are going to compete for best Original s/p. The major thing is that most of the blogs are different in some respect. It speaks to the precariousness of this year's race. But after Toronto, things will get clearer I promise. You can expect a more detailed analysis from Myles.

What do you guys think about the Race so far?


  1. Awards Daily, the film expierence and oscar jam has dark knight in best picture.

    Congratulations for the site

  2. I don't see any way Dark Knight won't make the cut. It's a wide open race until more of the contenders have been seen but we should all be able to agree on that much. I suspect The Road and Milk will also be in. Benjamin Button will have to be really good to get in there because there are clearly huge expectations. I'm going to guess Australia turns out to be a disappointment. I'm mostly interested right now to see what movies come completely out of left field to contend, because once again I think there will be room for a surprise crowd-pleasing indie.