August 5, 2008

The Weekly DVD Report Goes Rogue!

It's DVD day again, and let's jump right into it. My PICK OF THE WEEK is actually a movie that came and went in a flash in theaters, but is an extremely well made piece of horror/suspense filmmaking. It is:
Director Greg McLean's second film (following the terrific Wolf Creek) is essentially a serious version of Lake Placid that's also better acted, shot, and just, well...better. Definitely worth a look.
-Last year's winner for Best Foreign Film is out as well, and it's The Counterfeiters. This is a very good drama, and if subtitles don't bother you, seek it out.
-Nim's Island is also out, but that's nothing special, despite the presence of Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin in the cast.
-My old-school pick this week is The Mist, but more specifically, the black and white version that is available on the special edition version of the film. It adds a whole new level of terror to the proceedings and is something to behold.
-What will you guys be watching?


  1. I actually just watched The Mist for the first time a few weeks ago, very good movie. While the CG monsters were a little cheesy, the underlying psychological aspect of the movie was very well done and I'm glad that hollywood finally has the guts to go through with a controversial ending. I didn't know there was a black and white version, I have it on dvd, but just the normal one...

  2. the 2 disc edition has the black and white option, and it's something else, let me tell you