August 16, 2008

A Return to Form for Mike Myers?

Looks like Mike Myers will be one of Tarantino's 'Bastards'.

As you know, Myers has been somewhat on a downward spiral with his films, so perhaps this film might resurrect his career. Myers now join Pitt, Eli Roth, and B.J. Novak in what looks to be a pretty darn good film.


  1. Tarantino has used comedians in his earlier films (Steven Wright, Kathy Griffin, Julia Sweeney). Still, that success was because they were kept in moderation. Myers could work, but only as a mere cameo as I see it. Audiences would need to give up a lot if Myers has a bigger role.

  2. The casting has been horrible, I'm suprised that you think a film starring Eli Roth, Bj Novak and Mike Meyers will be good, your insane bro

  3. Basing it on the script and buzz, and not so much the casting.