August 20, 2008

Todd Field to Direct Blood Meridian

Seems as though Field is taking over for Ridley Scott on this production, based on Cormac McCarthy's novel. As someone who has loved both of Field's films, this project just became a great deal more noteworthy.
-How about you? Is Field up to the task of this bleak novel?


  1. The novel is a powerhouse. A breathless, visionary work. I don't know if Field is up for this. Scott would've been a waste. Another notch to his list of beautifully shot, but emotionless works. Maybe he can get Zallian, the king of mediocrity, to adapt. There's a reason The Godfather will be remembered forever and American Gangster will not.

  2. The attention to detail he has shown in his previous films, and the rhythm of Field's storytelling will lend itself nicely to an uncompromising adaptation of McCarthy's masterpiece. I imagine Field will be writing the screenplay himself and that in itself is reason to be hopeful. I wasn't all that thrilled when I heard that William Monahan was adapting for Scott.