August 19, 2008

This Week's DVD Picks!

Sorry for the lack of a catchy title this week (though if anyone can think of a permenant title for this particular piece I would greatly appreciate an email or a comment here with suggestions), but let's jump right in. The PICK OF THE WEEK this week is actually a movie made for HBO, but it's of such high quality that it deserves mention here. It is:
This retelling of the debacle in Florida between Bush and Gore is incredibly compelling. Anyone with an even small interest in politics and what happened 8 years ago in Florida will love this. The all-star cast led by Kevin Spacey doesn't hurt either.
-Another release that is quite good but somehow missed theaters is An American Crime. This ended up on Showtime, but if it had come out in theaters audiences would have taken notice of both Ellen Page and Catherine Keener here. This tale of the kidnapping and torture of a child by an insane woman is heartbraking and intense. Well worth discovering on dvd.
-Also out and of high quality this week is the old school style comedy romp Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and the high school shooting drama The Life Before Her Eyes. Both could not be more different from each other, but both are very good films with excellent acting and are worth looking at.
-The rest of the major releases this week are the uneven cop drama Street Kings, which is decent till it all falls apart at the end, the sterilized and boring slasher flick Prom Night, and the concert flick Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds, which is great if you like her music but is pretty much torture otherwise.
-My vintage pick this week is an actual old film for a change. It's 12 Angry Men, and so many years later it still is a classic. Anyone who likes tense courtroom style films will love this.
What are you guys watching this week? (and be sure to suggest names for the article!)


  1. I have been watching Kieslowski's Decalogue. A 10 part mini-series made for Polish television in 1988, each part focusing on one of the different 10 comandments. Tonight, however, will be Ridley Scott's 1991 classic Thelma & Louise

  2. loved miss pettigrew, adams and mcdormand were excellent, could see a globe nod for either of them, i've been watching lots of french films, just watched the umbrellas of cherbourg with catherine deneuve and it was wonderful! also recently rewatched about schmidt...LOVE that movie. tonight i feel like watching white oleander