November 4, 2008

After You VOTE, Check Out This Weeks DVD Releases!

Again, I can not stress the need to vote enough, but aside from that, we do have some films coming out on DVD this week that are worth checking out. My PICK OF THE WEEK is a throwback type of film. It's:
Reminiscent of Hitchcock and just a solid film overall, Brad Anderson's followup to The Machinist is an engrossing film that also is superbly acted. Check it out this mystery on a train and enjoy.
-Also out we have Get Smart, which is better than we had any right to expect it to be, The latest Futurama movie called Futurama: Bender's Game, the melodrama When Did You Last See Your Father, and Flashbacks of a Fool, a surprisingly good movie starring Daniel Craig in a role far removed from Bond. All are solid and worth a look.
-For my Vintage picks, I'm going with a collage of politcal themed films. Feel free to choose from any of the following: Primary Colors, Dave, The Contender, Bobby, Goodnight and Good Luck, JFK, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. All are worthy, but also be sure to watch the results come in tonight!
-Happy election day!

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