November 5, 2008

Congratulations President Obama!

Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States, and we all congratulate him. Whatever side of the political spectrum you fall on, this was a night for the history books and something to tell the grandkids about!


  1. I have strong faith in him, do good things for our country Barack! I love you!

  2. I've backed him since before he announced his nomination. I, however, hope that the people on the other side will stop bashing a president who hasn't seen a day in the office yet.

  3. I am so overjoyed, not only because I am proud of the victory for the candidate I supported, but also because, as you said, he made history. Not only did he make history by becoming the first black presidential nominee, but now has rocked the very foundations of politics and history in the entire world by becoming the first black US Predisdent, overcoming racial barriers as old as time itself, and also overcoming an age of divided partisan politics by winning not only a huge landslide victory in the electoral college, but also the majority of the popular vote, showing that people have stood up united behind the desperate need for change and a new wave of leadership.

  4. President Bush won the popular vote in 2004 yet nobody said the country was united behind him. What gives?

  5. It's becasue he's black. The US can only get behind a black president.


    Looks like Obama doesn't have as much support as some would have you believe. Look at all that red...

  7. I'm not going to get into a political war of words over an Oscars blog, but I will say that using wikipedia as evidence for your claims doesn't really give your claims much authority.

    In any case, I am going to revel in the moment, and conservative pessimism and doomsday rhetoric isn't going to change that. The age of the Reagan Republicans ruling American politics has finally come to and end, and no one can change that fact or take away from the victory Barack Obama and his supporters won last night.

  8. i'm going to stay out of this, but since i posted it in the first place, i'll just say this...America has always been a show don't tell country, and under Bush we lost that a little bit, but i think last night we showed the world again instead of just telling them


    Here's one from the Washington Post.

  10. I had hoped not to have had to post this message, but apparently I do...please refrain from posting racial comments, or just plain ignorant things like stating that Obama is a terrorist...they will just be deleted, so it's pointless and just a bit sad as well...thanks

  11. List of Presidents who received higher percentage of the popular vote than Obama:

    George Washington
    John Adams
    Thomas Jefferson
    James Madison
    James Monroe
    Andrew Jackson
    Abraham Lincoln
    Ulysses S. Grant
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Warren G. Harding
    Calvin Coolidge
    Herbert Hoover
    Franklin Roosevelt
    Dwight Eisenhower
    Lyndon Johnson
    Richard Nixon
    Ronald Reagan
    George H.W. Bush

    This list is intended to showcase the fact that winning 53% or more of the popular vote doesn't inherently mean we're in for a good ride. Lots of winners and losers on this list.

  12. To Aaron White:

    So we're just supposed to be nice to Obama until he starts his term?

    Why couldn't the same cuortesy have been given to President Bush back in 200? Instead, liberals decided that he was a cheat and stole the election.

    I suppose, though, this makes sense - President Bush is a Republican and is, therefore, evil. And since Obama is a Democrat he is obviously looking out for everyone. Despite the fact that he's going to tax the hell out of anyone working hard and give free (read: welfare) money to lazy folks who just don't have it in them to care to make their lives better.

    My only hope is that such people take a cue from President-elect Obama and try to better themselves - pay their bills, get a job, go to school. Obama is a true role model for what he has done, but I don't nessecarily think he's going to do any great things for this country. He's facing too many changes and too many expectations to make his supporters happy.

    So many people don't understand the political process in the USA and will be sorely disappointed when Obama's policies start to get reworked or ignored in the Congress. Plus, with two conflicts (there are not wars since war was not declared) ongoing and an economy in seemingly no-end-in-sight peril we're still in for a tough four years.

    And I do think it'll only be four years. We Americans have become too fickle and impatient a people to wait for a president who promised so much and yet may not be able to deliver (I'm not saying he won't, but history shows that he is facing a very tough road with his intended agenda).

    I've written and said so many times in the past that no matter who won in the election, the winner would be a lame duck. I still believe that, but it's still very, very early to tell.

    Finally (sorry this turned into a psuedo-rant), I give my support to Barrack Obama now that he is going to lead us. I'm very proud of what we Americans accomplished on November 4, 2008, and am honored to have been a participant in this historic event. The best of luck to President Obama and Vice President Biden - they'll need it.

  13. I think was Aaron was referring to was the hate and doomsday rhetoric that has been spewed throughout the internet after the election. Facebook was overrun with statuses making racist, some even pro-assassination, hateful statements, and a lot saying stuff like "I am so afraid for our country" or "Start the countdown till the apocalypse/next terrorist attack" or "The country is screwed", and so on. It's fine to disagree and criticize a politician and their policies, but to say things like that is downright just pessimistic and hateful, which, honestly, is pretty uncalled for this early.

  14. Mr. 9 - I agree that President Bush was treated unfairly from the get, but he didn't win in an electoral landslide did he? He won 270 electoral votes, the minimum it takes to win an election in a state that his brother was the governor of. I am not saying that any foul play happened, if it did...then the past is the past.

    President-elect Obama won 364 electoral votes winning 28 states and Washington DC. There isn't a looming question of legitimacy. In any case what Neo had to say about his interpretation of my initial statement is true. I know a girl who said, "Thank God Obama's grandma died before she could see her grandson ruin our nation." It is completely ignorant and unnecessary to treat someone like that...especially when they've not even had an opportunity to "ruin our nation"

  15. Obama will ruin our nation and still find someway to blame President Bush or the Republicans, who aren't even in control of COngress.

  16. True, true true...