November 11, 2008

To "Hell" with DVDs This Week!

Judging from that perhaps a bit too cute pun in the title, it should be little surprise what my PICK OF THE WEEK is:
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
The second in what might end up being a trilogy is a very entertaining film with terrific direction by Guillermo Del Toro is well worth a view if you liked the first Hellboy flick, and even if you haven't, it's just a fun way to spend some time on DVD.
-Also out we a handful of disappointing films, ranging from most disappointing of the bunch (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is perhaps the worst thing to ever carry the Star Wars label) to the simply mediocre (Beer for My Horses and This Christmas). Nothing to write home about in the case of any of them.
-My Vintage pick is, aptly enough...Hellboy. Since #2 came out today, revisit numero uno and make a night of it!
-Anything interesting you guys will be watching this week?


  1. I rewatched 28 Days Later today, I forgot how much I loved that film. I'm not sure what to see this week, I want to see Changeling but the mixed reviews have lowered my expectations a lot.

  2. 28 Days Later is terrific (Danny Boyle actually might be directing 28 Months Later)...Changeling is too long, but not a bad film by any stretch

  3. I picked up Hellboy 2, and my vintage pick was The Prestige.

    I'll be seeing Quantum of Solace this weekend, and if Slumdog Millionaire is playing in Austin, I'll definitely try to see it as well.

  4. I thought Changeling was brilliant, and would highly recommend it, though it seems to be a film many people have divided opinions on.

    Can't wait to see Slumdog Millionaire. Also, I just saw Synecdoche New York the other day and was absolutely stunned. Not for everyone, but if you have the patience for it it's one hell of a trip.