November 8, 2008

A Film About Obama Already?

So it seems, according to this report in Variety:
-Days after the election of Barack Obama, HBO has paid low seven figures for U.S. TV rights to Amy Rice and Alicia Sams' untitled docu on the senator's presidential run.
Rice brought the idea to Edward Norton and his Class 5 Films banner in 2006. Norton secured cooperation with Obama and has had cameras rolling ever since, capturing his 2006 trip to Africa and his 2007 presidential announcement (Daily Variety, March 11). The production has had close access to Obama as well as his family, friends, campaign staff and volunteers.
Shooting will continue through the inauguration. Sam Pollard, who cut HBO's "When the Levees Broke" and "4 Little Girls," will keep editing for a 2009 preem.
"We believe this film will capture a tipping point in American history, when a new generation of leadership emerged and old prejudices were finally vaulted over," Norton said.
Pic is being produced by Norton, Stuart Blumberg and Bill Migliore with financing by Good, Green Film Co., Citi Prods. and Class 5 Films. Endeavor Independent head Graham Taylor and Andrew Hurwitz negociated with HBO on behalf of the filmmakers and are seeking a theatrical distrib.
-Definitely could be interesting, though I doubt it'll be too hard hitting...

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