June 17, 2008

"Be Kind" to this week's dvd crop

Joey here with the weekly dvd report, and it is again a weak bunch of films coming out. No one film jumps out at me as a "must see", but I still have a PICK OF THE WEEK and the one I chose is:
-Be Kind, Rewind
A flawed film to be sure, but it has some interesting aspects to it and some very fun moments. Take the choice of this as the best of the week as an indication of the overall quality of the movies this week.
-We also have a few films that aren't horrible, but none that are going to set the world on fire. We have Chaos Theory, a film only worthy of mention because it has a nice variety of actors in it and Ryan Reynolds does a real good job with the ridiculous material. There is Rails & Ties, a film by Alison Eastwood that is well made, but missing something to be sure, Under The Same Moon, a melodrama about immigration that is decent, but only that, and we also have Super High Me, a documentary about a very controversial subject. It's not a bad doc, but it isn't going to win any Oscars either.
-Fools Gold and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins also come out this week, but they aren't anywhere near being worthy of any further mention here than the simple mention that they're out, and avoid them.
-My "vintage" choice for the week is the Woody Allen film Deconstructing Harry. Perhaps the dirtiest of Woody's comedies, it also contains some of his funniest moments, as well as being a bit of a light into his own mind. Unless you hate Woody Allen, you'll enjoy this.
-Is there anything this week that has you excited?

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