June 18, 2008

Does This Look Like An Oscar Flick?

Joey here, with a quick profile for a film that I think is a bit under the radar at the moment. It's Defiance, the Edward Zwick directed film that tells the story of three Jewish brothers who fight back against the Nazis and aim to protect those around them from harm during WWII. It's a war drama with echoes of the Holocaust in it, so it should have the attention of people already, but it is below the radar a bit right now. Here is the trailer, which seems to suggest a powerful film:


-They also just put out a new poster for the film, which I put at the top of this. It highlights Daniel Craig, who could be heavily pushed for an Oscar nom. Word is that Liev Schreiber is also quite good in this. Time will tell though.

What do you guys think?


  1. The poster is OK. The trailer is much better. I think it is safe to assume this flick is Oscar worthy. It's a war drama about the Holocaust. The cast and director are great, so I suspect this movie to be in the running. As you said, only time will tell...

  2. Well, according to rumors at the test screeners, this is a real Oscar Nominee... Maybe it's true, unleast it's gona be the best Zwick Film