June 21, 2008

Christian Bale as Robin Hood?

Looks like Christian Bale is set to play another archetypal hero. According to Mail Online, Christian Bale is in talks with Ridley Scott to play Robin Hood. Also, Russell Crowe is already part of the film, so this will pair Crowe and Bale one more time! If you have not seen 3:10 to Yuma (2007), then you missed a great movie last year (go rent it!).

Source: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=46191


  1. seems like it's not going to happen, but man would this have been cool...essentially a reverse of 3:10 to Yuma

  2. I hope it works out. Bale is a phenomenal actor. He's going to be all over the place the next 3 years. Hopefully, an Oscar nod will come out of his dedication to the craft.

  3. But I have a question, in a interview Russell wants Sam Riley to play Robin Hood? So I guess it's interesting I love Control and I think Sam is a rising actor but Christian is phenomenal too

  4. I've heard about that interview.

    I wouldn't mind (would prefer) Sam Riley. He was great in Control, and needs more exposure than Bale. Bale has enough with the Batman series and the Terminator series.

    Spread the love, vote Sam Riley!