June 23, 2008

George Carlin (1937-2008)

Joey here with some awful and depressing news. Legendary comedian/actor George Carlin has died at 71 years old of heart failure. On a personal note, George Carlin was a hero to me, someone who's comedy was first (and some would argue only) thing my father and I ever bonded over (we often do his famous poem "The Hair Piece" in unison at the dinner table). For years at school I'd break the ice with Carlin's work, and his HBO specials were a yearly treat for my family.
Carlin would no doubt be the first person to take me (or anyone else) to task for making a fuss about his death, but he has had such a strong impact on my life that it's not something I could not address. Before I wrap this up to have a drink in his honor and open the floor to comments, I wanted to post here my favorite line that George Carlin ever put on paper:
-" I'm an outsider by choice, but not truly. It's the unpleasantness of the system that keeps me out. I'd rather be in, in a good system. That's where my discontent comes from: being forced to choose to stay outside"

-Rest in peace sir....

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