June 24, 2008

DVD Therapy This Week From Charlie Bartlett?

Joey here, running down the dvd releases for the week. Not a bad week at all, but not a tremendous one either. There's definitely enough her to get through the week till WALL-E on friday. Jumping right in, my PICK OF THE WEEK is one of my 10 favorite films of the year so far, and it is:
-Charlie Bartlett
This is a smart and funny flick, with a tremendous performance by Robert Downey Jr. to boot. If you ever wondered what Tony Stark would be like as a principal, this movie is for you.
-We also have out this week Definitely, Maybe, which is a solid entry into the romantic comedy genre, In Bruges, a quirky hitman tale that is quite witty, The Hammer, a nice take on the Rocky tale. It's a funny little film. Also out is Persepolis, which is some good animation, and The Spiderwick Chronicles and Bonneville, which are pretty average, but not terrible by any stretch.
-Unfortunately out this week also is 10,000B.C., which is a huge turd and deserves to have been forgotten about 10,000 years ago.
-My old school dvd pick is an influential horror film called Cannibal Holocaust. It's been a big influence on a lot of filmmakers and is well worth a watch,
What will you guys be watching this week?


  1. I will be watching Batman: Gotham Knight which is an animated series of 6 stories that bridge the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Written by David S. Goyer and the guy who wrote A History of Violence.


  2. true, i don't tend to cover anime, but that is of some interest to a lot of people