November 2, 2008

Adam Resurrected Poster

Paul Schrader's latest film could be a Best Actor Dark Horse if it comes out this year...Jeff Goldblum FYC?


  1. I caught this flick at Austin Film Festival, and I must say, Jeff Goldblum was quite astonishing in it. I met him once in New York when he was doing a play called The Pillow Man. Great guy, very nice, very funny. I would love to see him finally get some oscar love.

  2. good to know that he's that good in it

  3. I've always thought that Jeff Goldblum was not only one of the most talented actors of our generation, but also one of the msot underappreciated. He elevates so much material beyond what it really is. I mean, without him, The Fly would have been just some b-grade flick. But his performance really gave the project a lot of life and heart. He really deserves more attention and praise than he gets, IMO. I think part of it is that he comes from the theatre, and many thespian actors working in Hollywood have gone a logn time without oscar recognition (maybe some noms, but no wins)

    Ian McKellen - 2 noms, no wins
    Hugo Weaving - 0 noms
    Jeff Goldblum - 0 noms for acting
    Christopher Lee - 0 noms
    Sam Neill - 0 noms
    Frank Langella - 0 noms (though this year might change that)

    The list goes one and on

  4. See, I'd really like to think that he could get recognized for this. Unfortunately, right now the film's buzz is perpetually at zero. We need a trailer and a release date really soon. Even then, with so many contenders this year, I can't help but feel it might become this year's Starting Out In The Evening (for which Frank Langella was snubbed big time).