February 25, 2009

Trailer for Agora



  1. too early to tell

  2. Rachel Weisz=Goddess

    and Alejandro Amenabar has yet to dissapoint me!

  3. I am visually sated by the trailer, but where's the info? It tells me nothing. I have to go look elsewhere for info, whereas the trailer should give it to me. Is it supposed to be a narrated trailer? I can't read the writing . . .

    How dumb do I sound right now???

  4. I guess it's just a teaser.

    It's quite a difficult case. It's being released in Spain in September (but dubbed into Spanish) and in USA in December.

    This teaser is in Spanish, and I guess that they haven't dubbed it yet, so there can't be any dialogue. When the date to release it in USA approaches, they'll make an appropriate trailer in English.

    Matthew, the film is about the Hypatia of Alexandria, google her up if you want some more info about the plot.

    I'm glad to hear that you like AmenĂ¡bar. He's an incredibly talented scriptwriter, director and composer. I'm astonished with his movies since his first one, I'm hopeful about Agora.

  5. coming this summer, Rachel Weisz is...King Leonidas!