April 16, 2009

Jenny Lumet sets up a new movie

From Variety:

Miramax Films and producer Marc Platt have set Jenny Lumet to write "This Strange Thing Called Prom."
Project is based on a New York Times article by Brooke Hauser that describes the experiences of immigrant students as they organize and attend a senior prom at the Intl. High School in Brooklyn.
Platt and Lumet are coming off "Rachel Getting Married," Lumet's first screenplay, for which she won the New York Film Critics Award.
Miramax and Platt acquired the Times article shortly after it was published on June 22.
The article tracked the experience of students who came from widely diverse backgrounds -- one served as a nomadic yak herder until age 12 -- as they got swept up in a prom ritual that was completely new to them. The students, from locales like Senegal, Venezuela, Tibet, Haiti, Poland and Gabon, had experiences that ranged from magical to miserable.
Project marks one of 18 movie and TV deals ICM has made on behalf of the newspaper.
-Let's hope she continues to grow as a writer...thoughts?