April 17, 2009

A potential new project for Reese Witherspoon

From Variety:

Fox Searchlight has acquired screen rights to Jen Sacks' "Nice," which will be developed as a potential star vehicle for Reese Witherspoon.
Ben Queen will adapt the darkly humorous novel. Witherspoon will produce with Keri Selig, Gayla Nethercott and Jennifer Simpson.
The protag is a magazine writer who accidentally kills her boyfriend. She finds a way to get rid of the body and discovers that killing boyfriends is easier than breaking up with them.
Published in 1998, the book was set up at Warner Bros. the following year as a vehicle for Helen Hunt. The studio tried to lighten the tone and the project never quite came together. For Fox Searchlight's version, Queen will try to maintain the dark, edgy tone of the book.
-She hasn't impressed me much with her post Oscar win projects, so here's hoping this is somewhat more impressive, in a Heathers vein or something...thoughts?


  1. yea, she needs to step up her game a bit

  2. her potential upcoming slate is better, but indeed

  3. she has a great deal of potential, let's hope she realizes more of it

  4. I hope she does realise her potential. Is she perhaps another actress who has tried to cash in on her Oscar win rather than take on more demanding roles (see Halle Berry)?

    However, killing people is easier than breaking up with them . . . lol