April 12, 2009

Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 to do at least one interesting thing...

As you can see, Mikey appears to be shunning the mask at least some of the time in H2...my question to you....do you think this is a good idea for what seems to be a new franchis now...or, do you care about this at all? I must admit, I enjoyed Zombie's Halloween a lot, and have a small interest in this (just like I always end up seeing the SAW flicks when they come out), but that's just me...what about you?


  1. So I take it Rob Zombie is basing his version of Michael Myers off of the supposed shovel murdering neighbor in Home Alone? Who knew Buzz was actually telling the truth!


  2. lmao...that made my week

  3. I'll come out and say it...I liked the last Halloween flick as well, so this is something I'd definitely see when it comes out, not that I'm proud of it

  4. I liked it as well, so I'm keeping an eye on this, for better or worse...