April 20, 2009

Transformers 2 gets a new poster

I really disliked the first one the first time I saw it, but recently I watched it again and now only find it to be a misfire with a handful of good moments in it instead of the disaster I originally found it to be...perhaps this one will improve on that and actually entertain me...how bout you?


  1. It's an action movie by Michael Bay based off of Toys. In that sense, the first film, and this one, deliver. You don't see a film like Transformers for an Oscar winning story, but to have a good FUN time. A true 'pop corn' movie. Now, let's see about Terminator Salvation...

  2. i suppose, the first one just bored me

  3. gotta agree with Joey, it was kind of a disappointment, but this new one could do better