April 10, 2009

Speaking of Moon, it has a Trailer now too

Take a gander:

-Something about this trailer really has me interesting in seein this flick...what about you?


  1. wow...this is kind of amazing...i want to see this now!!!

  2. yea, Rockwell deserves a leading performance, this looks akin to Sunshine, which i quite liked. I hope the payoff is a good one.


  3. i love sam rockwell, he's quickly becoming one of my favourite actors!

  4. 2001 is one of the greatest movies ever made, this movie looks to me like a remake of 2001. But, it has Sam Rockwell, so I'll see it.


  5. I agree, Kai, it reminds me of Sunshine, which I think was a fantastic film. I am sensing the tense thrill in this film, the man who is alone on the moon for three years, is days away from going home, and all hell breaks loose. I hope I haven't already thought of who is doing this to him, though; I hope the inflection in one of the voices of the people/beings he speaks to doesn't give away the ending.