November 1, 2008

The Reader Trailer

At first, I was not expecting much out of this, but from what I see, it looks incredibly good. This has to be Kate's year, or else. Thoughts?


  1. This is Kate's year. The Reader looks absolutely beautiful,and her performance will no doubt be the highlight of the film.

  2. Wow. My anticipation for this movie has just jacked up considerably. Kate looks fantastic. I wish Ralph's role looked bigger though; I would love to see him get nominated this year.

  3. looks fantastic, it looks like this will be Winslet's year finally, did anyone else get some vibes that reminded them of Sophie's Choice?

  4. Kate is brilliant and there are so many times why she should have won from any of her five nominations so far! Yet I fear that maybe there comes a time when nominations are enough, in some people's minds. Do they not vote for her to win because she has so many nominations and that in itself is a reward?

    Look at Meryl! She has won two Oscars from a mammoth 14 nominations! Wouldn't you think that the odds were in her favour to have won a few more times than that? Both her wins are from early in her career. Is it in an actresses best interests, or best hope for a win, to do so early in her career?

    I must study the noms and wins closer to see if this is a trend or a supposition.

    I think of other actresses who have been nominated a few times and wonder, also, if they will ever be allowed to win. Certainly their performances have been outstanding - but outstanding enough in that year? Laura Linney with 3 nominations - no wins. Julianne Moore with 4 nominations - no wins. Glenn Close with 5 noms and no wins.

    I'd love to hear what people think. When is someone most likely to win an Oscar from their nominations - early in their career or later?

    Then, I guess when it is all said and done, the great Katherine Hepburn took home 4 Oscars, from 12 nominations, and, as there are 5 nominees to one winner each year, the chances of your nominations outweighing your wins is going to be strong.

  5. I still don't think it was worth shoving The Road into next year. Between delayed releases and bland reviews, you can really see what kind of impact the Writer's Strike had on the production of a lot of this year's fall movie slate.