April 1, 2009

Another comedy project for David Gordon Green!

The acclaimed indie filmmaker, who crossed over to the mainstream with Pineapple Express, is planning on staying there for a bit it seems, according to this in Variety:

James Franco is joining Danny McBride in "Your Highness," the Universal Pictures comedy to be directed by David Gordon Green.
Scott Stuber is producing through his U-based Stuber Co. Pic begins production July 20 in Belfast. Stuber, McBride and Green set the project at U last year (Daily Variety, May 30).
Scripted by McBride and Ben Best, the comedy follows two spoiled and arrogant princes in a medieval fantasy setting. When an evil wizard casts a spell on their father and kidnaps the older prince's fiance, they're forced to go on a quest to save their family and the kingdom.
Stuber Co.'s Jon Mone, McBride and Mark Huffam are executive producers.
Franco starred for Green in Columbia Pictures comedy "Pineapple Express," which also starred McBride.
Last seen in "Milk," Franco plays poet Allen Ginsberg in the Rob Epstein/Jeffrey Friedman-directed "Howl."
-At least it's not a remake...


  1. Good, I never get tired of these comedies. They are amazingly funny. I'm glad James Franco is doing more comedy work because he was brilliant in Pineapple Express. I hope that more members of the Apatow gang take roles in this flick.


  2. Anything DGG does gets my attention

  3. this definitely could turn out to be a lot of fun...don't think it's an Apatow production in any way though