April 5, 2009

Fox fires the columnist who reviewed the leaked copy of Wolverine!

From Variety:

Fox News, a division of News Corp., has fired longtime entertainment blogger Roger Friedman over an online column on FoxNews.com that reviewed a pirated version of 20th Century Fox's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."
Late Saturday night, News Corp. released a statement saying: “Roger Friedman’s views in no way reflect the views of News Corporation. We, along with 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, have been a consistent leader in the fight against piracy and have zero tolerance for any action that encourages and promotes piracy. When we advised Fox News of the facts they took immediate action, removed the post, and promptly terminated Mr. Friedman.
A leaked copy of "Wolverine" hit the Internet Wednesday one month before the film's release.
-Whatever your opinion on illegal downloads are, reviewing an incomplete version of a film is unacceptable to me...what do you think about all this?


  1. yea, unacceptable

  2. that's my contention, I'm sure there'll be detractors, but that's just me

  3. Forgive me if I forget my manners and say, what sort of braindead moron would even bother to review an incomplete film? Ity'd be like reviewing a book without reading half of it. Or test driving a car that had no seats and now windscreen. How could you ever hope to get the full experience of the film? Personally, I won't even watch bootlegged or illegally downloaded films - I want the original as it was meant to be.