April 7, 2009

Have no "Doubt", you can say "Yes" to some of the films on DVD this week!

First, yes, I know the title of this week's article is awful, but I felt like trying to be creative, so it was with the best of intentions that the title came about....apoloies in advance. That being said, it does hint at two of this week's releases, one of which is my PICK OF THE WEEK. It may come as a surprise, but my choice is actually:
Yes Man
Jim Carrey's return to slapstick gets the nod this week because when it's not pretending to be "Liar Liar: Part 2" (and to be fair, the majority of the movie is not about the gimmick it sells itself on), it's a rather endearing romantic comedy between Carrey and the lovely Zooey Deschanel. They have great chemistry, and it makes for a very enjoyable movie that's well worth a look on DVD.
-Coming in the #2 slot is the Oscar nominated Doubt, which I'll come right out and admit, I liked but did not love. Ironically, Meryl Streep was my least favorite part of this film, and it became a detractor for me. That being said, it's a pretty good piece of melodrama that is a good thing to check out if for no other reason than to see if it deserved all the nominations it got.
-Also out this week we have The Day The Earth Stood Still, which wasn't as bad as I feared it would be, but still wasn't nearly as good as it could have been...the romantic drama Not Easily Broken, which is unremarkable except for the decent performance by Benjamin Button's Taraji P. Henson...and finally we have the animated flick The Tale of Desperaux, which was moderately entertaining, but nothing special at all.
-My Vintage pick this week is Mel Gibson's We Were Soldiers. While it's not quite Platoon, it's an engrossing look at one of the first major battles of Vietnam. Gibson is in John Wayne mode, and it actually works to make a very compelling picture. If you never saw it, check it out.
-What will you be watching on DVD this week?


  1. loved We Were Soldiers!

  2. I actually agree with you on Yes Man...only bugged me when he was mugging for the camera, and thankfully it wasn't too much

  3. I bought Doubt and the No Country for Old Men collector's edition on Blu-ray today.

  4. basically just waitin for The Wrestler to come out on dvd...

  5. yeah I'm definitely going to pick up The Wrestler in a couple of weeks on Blu-ray